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Further innovation and investment secured for the Illawarra

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THE HON GREG COMBET AM MP Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Minister for Industry and Innovation

THE HON ANDREW STONER MP NSW Deputy Premier NSW Minister for Trade and Investment NSW Minister for Regional Infrastructure

JOHN NOWLAN BlueScope Steel


GC 303/12 12 November 2012


More than 500 new sustainable jobs will be created in the Illawarra and $48.8 million worth of investment generated by projects supported under the second round of the Illawarra Region Innovation and Investment Fund (IRIIF).

The Federal Minister for Industry and Innovation, Greg Combet, and the NSW Deputy Premier, Andrew Stoner, today announced 25 innovative businesses are being offered IRIIF grants worth a total of $17.2 million.

“These dollar for dollar co-investment grants will act as an enormous stimulus to investment in the region across manufacturing, information services, healthcare, tourism, professional services and education and training,” Mr Combet said.

“They will create sustainable employment, expected to directly create 512 new jobs, while indirect employment in the supply chain and other service providers will grow even more significantly.”

Mr Stoner acknowledged that the Illawarra Fund was successfully helping industries to diversify throughout the region.

“The Illawarra fund was established by the Federal and NSW Governments together with BlueScope Steel to strengthen the region by stimulating investment and diversifying the Illawarra economic and employment base,” Mr Stoner said.

“Manufacturing has played a significant role in the Illawarra and it’s important these businesses are supported through the structural changes underway in the local economy.”

BlueScope Steel General Manager of Steelmaking, John Nowlan welcomed the effective partnerships between government and business demonstrated by the co-investment grants.

“The scope of new projects submitted for assessment in the second round was outstanding. The Illawarra Fund has demonstrated how innovative this region is, as well as the importance of encouraging entrepreneurial ideas,” he said.

Port Kembla’s National Biodiesel Ltd is among the second round recipients. The company has been offered a $2.86 million IRIIF grant for an infrastructure project expected to total more than $14.3 million in investment and create 52 new jobs.

CSC Australia Pty Ltd, at Mount St Thomas, has been offered a $2.76 million IRIIF grant to create a Centre of Excellence within its Technology Park campus. The centre will include world leading IT services and security operations, and is expected to create 98 new jobs.

A grant of $653,719 has been offered to Alminco Pty Ltd to put towards a $1.3 million expansion of one of its Fairy Meadow facilities. The company designs and manufactures equipment for the underground mining industry and has plans to employ 10 additional trade and engineering staff.

Mr Combet also congratulated Lumina Administration, One Wealth and VanceInfo Technologies - which will all move into the Illawarra region for the first time.

“Businesses are increasingly looking to the Illawarra as a highly attractive place to invest and expand their capabilities,” Mr Combet said.

“The Federal Government is committed to working with business to help create more highly-skilled and sustainable job opportunities and improving the competitiveness of the Illawarra into the future.”

Including Round 1 projects, the IRIIF is expected to directly create 888 new fulltime equivalent jobs and generate at least $90 million in total investment in the Illawarra.

The fund was established by the Australian Government together with the New South Wales Government and BlueScope Steel to strengthen the region by stimulating investment and diversifying the Illawarra's economic and employment base.

Further information is available online at or on 13 28 46.

A full list of Round 2 successful recipients and details of the grant projects is attached.

Media Contacts: Gia Hayne (Mr Combet’s office) 02 6277 7920 Ben Shine (Mr Stoner’s office) 02 9228 5209

Michael Reay (BlueScope Steel) 02 4275 7843

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Illawarra Region Innovation and Investment Fund (IRIIF) Round 2 - Applicants to be offered funding

Applicant Org/s Project Description

Grant Amt (Inc GST)

Expected Total Investment (Inc GST)

Proposed new jobs

Project Location

Applicant Contact

Alminco Pty Ltd

Alminco designs and manufactures equipment for the underground mining industry. Funding will enable the expansion of a facility for the manufacture of Alminco’s Scorpion and Thor Bolter Crawler Rigs.

$653,719 $1,307,438 10

Fairy Meadow, NSW

Mr Joe Cabello, General Manager 02 4255 8612 / 0409 650 150

Baker Street Pty Ltd

Expansion of Baker Street’s food manufacturing and storage facilities to satisfy the growth in major customers and develop new product ranges.

$663,202 $1,326,404 15.4 Corrimal, NSW

Mr Manuel Villalon, Business Manager 02 4285 9075 / 0414 791 165

C Rafin & Co Pty Ltd

Enhancing existing, and development of new, remote and in-home care services and associated Tele-Services technologies to provide improved living for the aged and disability sectors.

$329,706 $659,414 12

Wollongong, NSW Ms Jeanette Brooks, CEO 02 4254 6226 / 0458 636 381

Cammthane Pty Limited

Enhancement of specialist plastic products machining capability to improve Cammthane’s competitiveness. $148,500 $297,000 3

Albion Park Rail, NSW

Mr Adrian van de Ven, Managing Director 02 4257 3201 / 0418 454 477

Central Data Networks Pty Ltd

Expansion of software products and sales support for the medical and radiology imaging industry. $329,450 $724,658 6

Wollongong, NSW

Mr Robert Zanier, Managing Director 02 4254 4311 / 0407 069 307

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Applicant Org/s Project Description

Grant Amt (Inc GST)

Expected Total Investment (Inc GST)

Proposed new jobs

Project Location

Applicant Contact

Cram Fluid Power Pty Ltd

Increase manufacturing and repair capacity for Viking Loaders and establish a sales and service outlet. $110,000 $309,700 5

Unanderra, NSW

Mr Kevin Moore, Director 02 4272 4092 / 0417 277 114

CSC Australia Pty Ltd

Creating a Centre of Excellence within CSC’s Coniston Technology Park campus, including establishing world leading: − Cloud and emerging IT services for

Australian and global customers − Security operations to monitor and respond to local, regional and global

network threats and cyber attacks

$2,759,119 $5,518,238 98

Mt St Thomas, NSW

Mr Richard Wanden, CSC Head of NSW Government 02 9034 4327 / 0401 998 325

GBST Wealth Management Pty Ltd

Enhancement of the Composer Wealth Management Platform to provide a single platform capable of supporting multiple regions through the provision of multi-calendar, multi-currency and multi-tax support and compliance across full middle and back office for the financial services industry.

$820,927 $1,641,855 15

Wollongong, NSW

Ms Isabel Sanchez, Group CTO 02 4298 9140 / 0425 213 662

GM Mitrovski Pty Ltd

Expansion of GM Fabrication’s capabilities through the establishment of a glass processing division for the manufacture of balustrades.

$281,362 $661,100 6 Cringila, NSW

Mrs Biljana Mitrovski, Project Manager 02 4276 2059 / 0422 227 347

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Applicant Org/s Project Description

Grant Amt (Inc GST)

Expected Total Investment (Inc GST)

Proposed new jobs

Project Location

Applicant Contact

J.M.R. Pty Ltd t/a Symbio Wildlife Gardens

Expansion of the Symbio Wildlife Park including the introduction of an interactive Koala Breeding Sanctuary, a dynamic indoor Reptile Experience, an African Savannah habitat displaying endangered African wildlife, and major amenities and facility upgrades.

$770,000 $1,540,000 15

Helensburgh, NSW

Mr Matthew Radnidge, Park Manager 02 4294 1244 / 0402 872 151

JME Engineering Pty Limited

Installation of robotic machinery at JME Engineering’s Port Kembla facility to increase the production of power pole enhancements for use in the electricity distribution market Australia wide.

$385,000 $770,000 8

Port Kembla, NSW Mr Mark Woods, Director 02 4272 7784 / 0418 423 375

Joy Global (Aus) Underground Pty Ltd

Enhancing an existing Centre of Excellence for the Australasian region with the aim of fostering innovation in the area of automated system, information technologies and smart services in the mining sector.

$811,388 $1,760,000 50

Wollongong, NSW

Mr Graeme Gardiner, Finance Director 02 4860 3800

Lumina Administration Pty Ltd

Establishment of a regional processing centre to meet the demands of Lumina’s expanding business. $118,363 $236,728 6

Illawarra based location yet to be confirmed

Ms Mary Kay Walker, Chief Operating Officer 02 8622 6020 / 0438 484 319

MAK Engineering Project Pty Ltd

Expansion of the Makrol® roll cleaner manufacturing facility. The units are used for cleaning rolls of continuous steel and aluminium strip processing lines.

$117,128 $234,256 2 Coniston, NSW

Mr Palanisami Karunakaran, Director 0407 651 142

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Applicant Org/s Project Description

Grant Amt (Inc GST)

Expected Total Investment (Inc GST)

Proposed new jobs

Project Location

Applicant Contact

Moduplay Group Pty Ltd

Expansion of manufacturing facility including the purchase of unique equipment to enable drilling anywhere on any face of square hollow section (SHS) or circular hollow section (CHS) steel or aluminium, up to 5m long and creation of compound bends and rolling of steel tube used in the manufacture of playground equipment.

$177,428 $354,856 3

Unanderra, NSW

Mr Athol Quinsey, Director 02 4272 1644

National Biodiesel Ltd

Construction of a Biodiesel fuel storage/terminal at Port Kembla, with an associated assurance laboratory and a sales and marketing office.

$2,860,000 $14,301,100 52

Port Kembla, NSW

Mr Brendan Morse, Finance Director 02 9499 8291 / 0414 890 463

Nepean Conveyors Pty Ltd

Accelerate the establishment of Nepean Conveyors’ heavy manufacturing facility in Wollongong. The site will be utilised for the fabrication, machining, surface finishing, assembly and factory acceptance testing of new capital equipment projects.

$825,345 $4,399,809 21

Unanderra, NSW

Mr Bill Munday, General Manager 02 4677 1911 / 0408 830 649

One Wealth Management Pty Ltd

Establishment of the OneTrust Operations Centre in Wollongong which will provide administrative support services to Self Managed Superannuation Fund trustees, accountants, financial advisers, and dealer groups.

$345,387 $690,773 30.5

Wollongong, NSW Mr David Johnston, Director 02 8094 1265 / 0400 550 277

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Applicant Org/s Project Description

Grant Amt (Inc GST)

Expected Total Investment (Inc GST)

Proposed new jobs

Project Location

Applicant Contact

Pixalux Design Pty Ltd

Establishment of a manufacturing facility for Pixalux Design’s patented technology - frameless, structural light panels with many applications, including illuminated shelving, signage and architectural lighting systems.

$275,000 $588,665 7

Albion Park Rail, NSW

Mr John Matyear, Managing Director 02 4231 1080 / 0417 211 352

Selera Services Pty Ltd

Enhancing the functional scope and platform coverage of Selera’s DataIgnition Continuous Controls Monitoring product suite.

$395,657 $931,480 10

Wollongong, NSW Dr Michael Lawler, Director 02 4223 0052 / 0411 539 876 Pty Ltd

Business expansion of the national online conference deals website, by building a robust online registration system, which will streamline current processes for administering event registrations, improve staff efficiency and increase the ability of to administer a greater number of conferences and events annually.

$126,500 $539,000 6

Wollongong, NSW

Mr Adam Morgan-Monk, Managing Director 02 4229 2880 / 0431 731 441

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Applicant Org/s Project Description

Grant Amt (Inc GST)

Expected Total Investment (Inc GST)

Proposed new jobs

Project Location

Applicant Contact

The International Equine Group Pty Ltd

The International Equine Group will establish facilities for the spelling, breeding, pre-training and veterinary care of thoroughbred and other equines within the Illawarra that are convenient and cost effective for the Illawarra Racing and Equestrian Industries. The facilities will link with and further develop vocational education and training provision to grow the economic, racing and equestrian industries within the Illawarra region and beyond.

$666,004 $1,332,008 12.5

Kembla Grange, NSW

Mr Peter Lord, Managing Director 02 4260 8723 / 0410 612 074

Thomas & Coffey Limited

Thomas & Coffey has the exclusive licence to manufacture and use the Hull Surface Treatment Technology that eliminates growth on ship's hulls. Funding will enable Thomas & Coffey to utilise the technology so it can be reliably delivered to the maritime industry and to establish a facility to manufacture units that use the technology.

$220,000 $517,000 4.4

Unanderra, NSW

Mr Chris Geater, Marine Operations Manager 02 4200 5200 / 0418 686 651

VanceInfo Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

Establish a National Service Delivery Centre for software and systems development, software testing, systems support and maintenance, research and development, and professional services.

$1,603,009 $3,206,018 35

Fairy Meadow, NSW

Ms Vivian Clark, Director of Business Operations 03 8317 7800

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Applicant Org/s Project Description

Grant Amt (Inc GST)

Expected Total Investment (Inc GST)

Proposed new jobs

Project Location

Applicant Contact

Wollongong Clinic Property Pty Ltd

Accelerate the establishment of a premium Mental Health Facility in Wollongong, servicing patients from across Australia and internationally. This 5 star facility will be the only private mental health provider in the Illawarra.

$1,419,000 $5,033,090 80

Wollongong, NSW

Mr Ben Thynne, Chief Executive Officer 0409 880 457

$17,211,194 $48,880,587 512.8