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Joe Hockey to State Premiers: start campaigning to jack up GST

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David Bradbury MP Assistant Treasurer

Minister Assisting for Deregulation

Media Release


Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey has today called on Liberal State Premiers and Treasurers to campaign for an increase in GST, once again refusing to rule out a GST hike under a Coalition Government.

When asked on Sky Agenda this morning about whether the states should be campaigning for a hike in GST, Mr Hockey said:

HOST: You want them to campaign for it?

HOCKEY: Well they’ve got to campaign for it and they’ve got to win the Australian people over. I tell you why…

HOST: That’s not going to happen, the Australian people still don’t like the GST we have now even though people like Nick Greiner make it clear we need a higher and broader GST to cover costs

HOCKEY: I’m sorry, I’m sorry Peter, it does happen because we won the 1998 election on that basis. No one can dispute it. It was the hardest election campaign I ever fought.

PAUL KELLY: So can you do it again?

HOCKEY: Ask the State Premiers, can they do it again.

(Sky News Sunday Agenda, 11 November 2012)

Joe Hockey has let the cat out of the bag - he wants the states to do the hard work for his secret plan to jack up the GST.

This is the third time in recent weeks Joe Hockey has been specifically asked to rule out increasing the GST under a Coalition Government - and has refused to do so.

And this is the third time that Mr Hockey has directly contradicted his leader, Tony Abbott, who said, "...on the GST, we have no plans to change.” (Doorstop, 5 November 2015)

The rift between Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey on economic policy is widening, but the Australian people deserve to know the full extent of the Coalition plans to jack up the GST.

As former Liberal Leader John Hewson told today's Sun Herald:

"Joe Hockey, Julie Bishop, Christopher Pyne et al, just aren’t ready, they are sandwiches just short of a picnic for the job right now."

11 November 2012

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