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Statement on cattle exported to Egypt

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Media Statement Wednesday 7 November 2012


Contrary to media reports, the Egyptian government has confirmed that exported cattle with ear implant growth promotants will only have their ears removed AFTER slaughter (not before).

DAFF has been advised that Egyptian General Organisation of Veterinary Services veterinarians have removed implant pellets from cattle but the ears have not been removed.

The safety of hormonal growth promotants (HGPs) registered in Australia for use in cattle has been rigorously assessed. The Joint Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)/World Health Organisation (WHO) Expert Committee on Food additives has also undertaken independent scientific assessments which support the safety of these HGPs.

The HGPs used in Australia are formulated for slow release and use inert material (eg. silicone rubber). No active drug remains after the slow release. Depending on the particular HGP implant formulation, the release period ranges from 100 to 400 days. After this period only the inert part of the implant remains.