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67 Thomas Drive, Chevron Island, QLD, 4217 phone: (07) 5504 6000 fax: (07) 5504 6944

Deputy-Chair: Josh Frydenberg MP Chairman: Steven Ciobo MP Deputy-Chair: Dan Tehan MP

COALITION PRODUCITIVITY PRIORITIES WORKING GROUP H o p e . R e w a r d . O p p o r t u n i t y .

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Rest o ring Au st ral i a’ s p rodu cti vi t y

The formation of a Productivity Priorities Working Group, announced by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott today, signals an important policy development for all Australians, according to its chairman, Steven Ciobo MP.

“Australia's productivity, a key driver of national wealth and living standards, has eroded under Labor,” said Mr Ciobo.

“Australia today is a relatively less productive nation with stalled productivity growth. This results in Australians generally having less economic wealth than had productivity growth remained higher,” he said.

“The slowing of productivity growth has been a consequence of a number of Labor's policies which have seen increased regulation, taxes, and lower workforce participation combined.

“Labor's actual record in Government stands in stark contrast to their 'spin' and slogans which attempt to paint a different, misleading picture.”

Mr Abbott has instructed the Productivity Priorities Working Group (PPWG) to focus on meaningful short-term policy priorities which can be implemented from the first day of an Abbott Government to restore Australia's productivity growth.

Mr Abbott has outlined the six key elements of the Coalition's plans to restore Australia's productivity:

• cutting red tape;

• encouraging more people into the workforce;

• making public institutions more effective and responsive;

• better competition rules;

• getting greater value from infrastructure spending; and

• improving workplace laws to discourage law breaking.

67 Thomas Drive, Chevron Island, QLD, 4217 phone: (07) 5504 6000 fax: (07) 5504 6944

Deputy-Chair: Josh Frydenberg MP Chairman: Steven Ciobo MP Deputy-Chair: Dan Tehan MP

These six elements will guide the Committee's thinking and consultation over the next five months.

Dovetailing with the work undertaken by Senator Arthur Sinodinos on the Coalition's deregulation taskforce, the PPWG will report at the end of March on the Coalition's priorities for early and effective changes to boost productivity.

“We will be consulting widely with small businesses, industry groups, academics, think-tanks and others to formulate a clear list of productivity enhancing reforms that can be made early and effectively in the life of a new Coalition Government,” said Deputy-Chair Josh Frydenberg MP.

“We want to hear from those who have suggestions on reforms we can make to reverse the drag of Labor's policy changes,” he said.

Although Australia's productivity challenges are vast, the PPWG is working to a fixed timetable of reporting to the Leader of the Opposition by the end of March.

“We will focus on reforms that can be implemented early in the life of an Abbott Government and that focus on the six identified elements of the Coalition's positive agenda to boost Australia's productivity,” said Deputy-Chair Dan Tehan.

Submissions can be made directly to the PPWG by emailing or by mail to:

The Office of Steven Ciobo MP

PO Box 4922


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