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The Body Shop in Canberra blockaded

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liClOY^ S STOP 30January1" 5 HE BODY SHOP IN CANBERRA BLOCKADED E v ^ p S- qjtc'SLQJ' \I 0Jocyr\ .T he Body Shop in Canberra was forced to close today in the face of aggressive threats from protesting forestry workers.T he Civit Centre branch of the international retail chain shut its doors for two hours, while hundreds of protesters screamed abuse at staff inside the store.T h e Bod^f Shop's Communications Manager, Phil Talbot was disappointed at the latestpieties use d by those in Canberra this morning.1 We knewcoalition cn the woodchipping issue but we should not have to dose a store out of fearfor the saf icy of our staff and customers," said Mr Talbot.']The Bodv Shop will not be intimidated and will continue to support T h e AustralianConservatT h e Bodythere would be people who disagreed with our support of die environmentalon Foundation and T he Wilderness Society over the government'shalf-hearted response to the National Forest Campaign,1 Backgroum ifor Editors Shop believes that business can be used as a vehicle for social andenvironmental change.1300 areasOur position on the wooddiip issue supports the environmental coalition in saying the of high conservation value identified by Senator Faulkner should beprotected from woodchipping.We have p •esented this to the public and if they agreed, we gave them the tools todemonstrate their support to the Prime Minister.In a fortnight over 60,000 postcards to Paul Keating have been distributed to T he Body Shop's customers nationwide.T he pheneFor furthermienal response to this campaign , which is running in our 52 stores around Australia shows a vast number of Australians do agree with the stance T he Body Shop is taking. i information about this release, please contact:Phil Talboi Tricia Caswell Kevin ParkT h e Body Shop Work 03 565 0500T h e Australian Conservation Foundation Mobile 0l8 360 423 M T he Wilderness Society Mobile 018 449 080 Af a i a f t