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Australia's teachers join the woodchipping debate and call for the additional licences to be revoked

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Australian Education UnionGrounJTJoor, ] 20 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205POSox 1158, City Road, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205Phone (03) 254 1800 International (613) 254 1800fax: (03) 254 1805 international (613) 254 1805Federal Secretaryt Robert Durbridge. Federal President: Shuran Burrow. AUSTRALIA’S TEACHERS JOIN THE WOODCHPPING DEBATE AND CALL FOR THE ADDITIONAL LICENCES TO BE REVOKED

The Federal Conference of the Australian Education Union condemned the recent decision of the Federal Resources Minister, David Bcddall and expressed concern that the advice of the Environment Minister, Senator John Faulkner, was ignored, Sharan Burrow, President of the AEU said today.

Ms Burrow said :

"The AEU calls for the decision to be reversed and an immediate investigation to be undertaken into the issues of licences and the phasing out of all woodchipping o f native forests.

Phasing out woodchipping in native forests must be an Immediate priority for the Australian Government and it must be accompanied by industry planning which maintains a viable timber industry and provides for the employment of people currently dependant on this area of production.

The AEU has welcomed the serious attention the ACTU has, In recent years, given to the environment and sustainable development and thus as an ACTTJ affiliate disassociates itself from public statements which appear to us to be in breach of ACTU policy.

We call on the Federal Government to bring together all the relevant parties, unions, employers, environment groups and the State Governments, to develop a long term environmentally sustainable industry plan for the forest industry which addresses all the concerns; concerns regarding both the environment and the employment of workers affected

In the interests of future generation the rape of native forests must stop"

NB A full text of the recommendation is available on request

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Sharan Burrow, .AEU Federal President Work - 03 2541800 Home - 03 6993542 Mobile - 04 1 930 3 849

Richard Walsham Deputy Federal Secretary Wbrk - 03 2541800 Home - 03 386 9302

23rd January, 1995.