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Greens act globally on forest protection

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^Greens Greens Forestry Spokesperson Peg Putt 24 January 1994GREENS ACT GLOBALLY ON FOREST PROTECTIONThe Tasmanian Greens have taken the campaign to protect Australia's remaining old- growth forests direct to the woodchip consumers in Japan - by lobbying them to adopt environmentally responsible purchasing policies. 1Greens Forestry Spokesperson Peg Putt said since her visit to Japan last April, The Greens had contacted the woodchip consumers several times to provide accurate information about environmental concerns over woodchipping in Australia, the political controversy over woodchip licence renewals and imminent legal challenges."The Tasmanian Greens have taken the message of the 80% of people around Australia who want woodchipping stopped in old-growth forests direct to the Japanese.""We have put it to them that their companies ought to behave ethically and demand an environmentally responsible wood supply and that they should tell the Australian woodchippers that they wish to source from plantations and not from high conservation value forests.”“The Greens have a global responsibility to be advocates for the environment and the overwhelming concern of Australians to end old-growth woodchipping."“Given that the woodchip companies are organised internationally, we have made it our business to establish international conservation networks to work together around the world to achieve protection of our forests."Ms Putt said there were strengthening links between greens in Australia and Japan, Currently a group of Japanese environmentalists and indigenous people were on a three- week fact-finding tour of Tasmania collecting information about forests and eco-tourism.Ms Putt said on last year’s trade mission to Japan, Ray Groom took Labor Party spokesperson David Llewellyn to the Japan Paper Association where they claimed there was no conflict over forests and that present and future governments wanted expanded woodchipping.“Where is it written that only Labor and Liberal are allowed to put their point of view overseas, particularly when they dishonestly represent the amount of community opposition to woodchipping?”“The Japanese customers should know that the battle to protect the forests is not over and that it would be advisable to leave open the option of buying from somewhere other than our old growth forests - which would also prevent Australian taxpayers forking out huge amounts of compensation in the future when the forests are protected.”The letter sent to all woodchip customers on 19 January:• sum m arised the recent Federal Court decision setting aside the 1994 Gunns export licence.