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School truancy in New South Wales to be examined by parliamentary inquiry

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A Federal Parliamentary Committee will be taking evidence on the problem of school truancy in New South Wales at its public hearing in Sydney on Thursday 25 May 1995.

The public hearing is part of a national inquiry into truancy and exclusion from school being conducted by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training.

Mr Eric Fitzgibbon MP, Committee Chair, said today that the inquiry arose from concern about the extent of school truancy and exclusion of young people under fifteen years of age, and the subsequent detrimental effect on the lives and future

of these young people.

"Unless young people receive an adequate education many will be disadvantaged for the rest of their lives", said Mr Fitzgibbon. "At this stage of our inquiry we do not yet know the extent of truancy and exclusion from school in Australia. However, evidence to the Committee indicates that the current system is failing a considerable number of young people. The Committee will be considering strategies and measures to address these failings".

The Committee will also be taking evidence on the adequacy of education programs provided to young people in juvenile justice centres in New South Wales.

The public hearing will commence at 1.00pm in the Conference Room, 11th floor, Commonwealth Parliament Offices, ANZ House, 70 Phillip Street, Sydney.

Inquiries Eric Fitzgibbon MP Chair (049) 911 022 or

(02) 247 8282 at the public hearing

Lorraine Ball Inquiry secretary (06) 277 4567

23 May 1995