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[Plebiscite condemned]

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Australians for constitutional monarchy


The National Convenor of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, Mr Lloyd Waddy QC today condemned the Prime Minister’ s announcement of a plebiscite on the question of a republic promised to be

held within twelve months of the return of a Labor Government. Speaking in. Sydney. Mr Waddy said; ‘"The Prime Minister is resorting to obvious trickery. He knows that

if he asks the wrong questions he will be sure to get the wrong answer. !t seems the Prime Minister is being too clever by half. “ Mr Keating knows that we already have a local constitutional head of state in the Governor-General,

who is nowadays always an Australian, and who will no doubt open the Olympic Games. “ By asking only one (irrelevant) question he hopes to avoid the real issues which concern those Australian

people willing to contemplate a republic. They want to know and contribute to the detail of change, not write a blank cheque for politicians of whatever party. . “ If the Prime Minister were fair dinkum he would

ask the following questions of the people; !Do you want to change to a republic? If so; 1. Do you want a politician as head of state? 2. Do you want to elect that politician yourself or do

you want other politicians fie Parliament) do it for you? 3. Do you want the Head of State to have the powers

to dismiss a Prime Minister? 4. Do you want the Head of State to have [he powers

of an American President? 5. Do you want the Head of State to be irremovable

for 5 years?’ Mr Waddy added; “ I believe Mr Keating will not succeed in his attempt to hoodwink the people by over­ simplification of what arc in fact very complex issues

with great consequences as to who wields power over us and how we hold them to account. “ Thinking Australians will shun this rush to a republic just, as they have shunned Mr Carr's

authoritarian "republic we tell you you have to have" in N S W . Australians will nut be d ic tated to by politicians."

FURTHER COMMENT: -LLOYD WADDY 02-2325^82 or 02-9098608

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