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RACGP supports sell-out of young doctors

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Press R el Basil 24.10.96

RACGP' supports sell-out of young doctors. PDA backs the historic Industrial action of the coming week.

“The Government's abuse of the civil rights of young doctors was being supported by the Royal Australian College of GPs - an organisation which closely resembles a section of the Department of Health. Dr Wooldridge’s support for the RACGP has been repaid in yesterday’s statement by the President of the RACGP, ] > Peter Joseph.’’ Dr Mackellar, President of Private Doctors of Australia (PDA), said yesterday. ^ ^ t

Dr Mackellar said the Government was using draconian powers, as one might expect in war time, to handle a problem of its own making. Young graduates, after many years study, were being forced to work overseas or to take another jot) because of Medicare's ‘open-slather1 approach to health funding.

Dr Joseph claimed that "All groups, including junior hospital doctors, support the need for postgraduate training before independent practice.’’

“These banal motherhood, statements are a bit like saying ‘All adolescents need to be fed’. The question should be ‘W hy?’, or at the very' least "With what?’ or even ‘By whom?’.” Dr Mackellar said “An enormous injustice has been done to students and young doctors. Taking away a provider number is not the removal of guare meed job as some say, but the condemnation to a lifetime in another job.”

“The Government has developed an obscene relationship with the RACGP, at the cost of junior doctors and students. They talk together about adequate training and proper standards in general practice, when both have demonstrated ignorance of the subject. In collusion, they have already caused a massive deskilling and downgrading of general practice standards, while

claiming the opposite.” he said.

“Dr Wooldridge and the RACGP need each other. Their needs will increase as both become further isolated and m ore despised after next w eek’s national stoppage of hospital doctors.”

Released by: Dr John MacloM-ar 24 October 1996

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