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Federal government tourism grants, 1995-1996

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Pulpit Rock Lookout Restoration and Interpretive Walk


A grant will be provided to the Blue Mountains City Council to repair eroded and damaged sections of the track, lookout and historic structures and provide interpretive material. It also includes stormwater control, improvements in picnic and toilet facilities and the installation of safety rails to very exposed lookout points.

Contact: Christopher McCormack, (047) 820576

Royal National Park Coast Walk Reconstruction


The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service will receive $68,790 to refurbish the walking track between Wattamolla and Curracurrang.

Contact: Rick Bullers, (02) 5420666

Repairing the Roof of Australia


The grant will go to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service for a three-stage program in Kosciusko National Park. Program 1 involves visitor management rehabilitation, Program 2 walking track reconstruction, and Program 3 interpretation, including signs and brochures.

Contact: Dave Darlington, (064) 561700

Port Stephens Basin Regional Ecotourism Management Plan


The Port Stephens Council will receive $45,000 in funding to produce a management plan for the Great Lakes region. The plan will emphasise a strategic approach, sustainable development of natural resources, planning and demographic issues, realistic carrying capacities, market research and community participation.

Contact: ' Sarah Artist, (049) 830377

Development of Limits of Acceptable Change for Blue Mountains Walking Tracks $56,000

The grant will go to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to develop a methodology to assess and establish sustainable tourism management practices in the National Parks of the Blue Mountains and adjacent environmentally sensitive areas.

Contact: Geoff Luscombe, (047) 878877 .


Point Lookout Environmental Interpretive Centre


The funding will go to Dumaresq Shire Council to incorporate special provisions for backpackers and other independent travellers in a major development of an interpretative centre and educational/tourist facility. This facility will have special appeal to backpackers ana will provide educational opportunities in conservation, land management, environmental awareness and field study as well as serving to demonstrate how ecotourism or nature based tourism can be made ecologically sustainable in an environmentally sensitive area.

Contact: Christine Harvey, (067) 725 622

A Backpackers’ Guide To The Riverina


The project, being undertake by Riverina Regional Tourism Inc., is designed to encourage backpackers to explore rural and inland Australia and, in particular, to promote the Riverina region of New South Wales through the production of a backpacker's guide providing information on transport, accommodation, safety issues, work opportunities, attractions and activities and events.

Contact: Michael Kehoe, (069) 934 118


Backpacker Accommodation Needs Evaluation And Feasibility Study

To be undertaken by Bathurst City Council this project involves a strategic examination of backpacker accommodation needs in Bathurst and of opportunities for Bathurst to participate in the growth of backpacker tourism in rural and regional Australia.

Contact: Peter Austen, (063) 321 444

Narrabri Backpackers Hostel


This project is designed to provide new backpacker accommodation at Narrabri on the busy Newell Highway while at the same time providing a hands on tourism and hospitality training venue through the Narrabri Shire Council's Labour Market Program.

Contact: Russell Booby, (067) 991 043

Newell Highway Backpacker Route

Dubbo Ci _ . _

the Newell Highway between Dutibo and Moree. "This area will be promoted as a major backp route, emphasising the accessibility of the outback providing an alternative backpacker route b



ty Development will prepare a strategic plan to develop the central and northern sections of ll Highway between Dubbo and Moree. This area will be promoted as a major backpacker ’ ' ’’ ’ r " '' 1 " ’■ ·· ’ ’ ’ 1 ’ etween

Sydney and Queensland, and Sydney and Byron Bay.

Contact: Matthew Colahan, (068) 847 400

Backpacker Strategy Marketing Plan Proposal


Tourism Armidale will develop a backpacker strategy and targeted backpacker marketing program for the New England area of northern New South Wales.

Contact: Stuart Allardice, (067) 738 527


Development Guidelines for Local Government Authorities in Nsw $80,000

The NSW Farm and Country Holiday Association will receive $80,000 to develop guidelines to assist local authorities in NSW to adopt policies which encourage the planning and development of rural ' projects. The Guidelines which will be presented through a series of workshops across the a will aim to foster the development of the rural tourism sect ■ ■ · ■ - · ■ ■ ·

tourism State ani development processes for rural tourism projects.

Contact: Chris Hall, (049) 94 7055

ne rural tourism sector by simplifying the planning and

Pub Getaways


The Australian Hotels Association will receive $150,000 for the development and promotion of pub accommodation for the domestic and international market. The project will include the development of a tour guide and product manual and a significant education and promotional component. Designed to enhance an important existing rural asset, country pubs, the project will develop an atmospheric and uniquely Australian product to enrich rural tourism in New South Wales.

Contact: David Charles, (02) 281 6922

After Dark Tourism Project


The Cowra Shire Council will receive $30,000 to develop an 'After Dark Tourism Manual' for country towns. The guide will offer ideas and strategies needed to develop and operate tourism infrastructure outside normal business hours. By identifying ways of 'value adding' to existing tourism products, country towns will be able to tempt visitors to stay overnight, dramatically increasing the yield from

tourism for their town. The project will be based in Cowra and will include the development of the Son et Lumiere at the Prisoner of War Camp.

Contact: Graham Apthorpe, (063) 41 0100




Old Growth Access Program, Yarra Ranges National Park


The Department of Conservation and Natural will receive a grant to construct an elevated walkway at Cement Creek, provide access paths, develop and install solar powered FM radio transmitters at two sites, provide a composting toilet and interpretive signage. .

Contact: John Cunningham, (03) 7552726

Griffiths Island Enhancement Project


The Moyne Shire Council has attracted funding to develop a boardwalk, walking track, seats and interpretative material, and to revegetate and eradicate weeds to improve the visitor experience on Griffliths Island and the Short Tailed Shearwater colony.

Contact: Peter Wheelhouse, (055) 68 2600


Packaging Of Existing Tourism Infrastructure For The Backpacker Market $10,000

The Murrindindi Development Board will undertake a strategic analysis of tourism assets and natural attractions with appeal to the backpacker market to develop a package for increasing backpacker visitation to the Smre of Murrindindi.

Contact: Ian Abernethy, (057) 721 233

Model Backpacker Accommodation Within Lighthouse Precincts $40,000

South Gippsland Shire Council has received funding to investigate model backpacker accommodation within lighthouse precincts with a focus on Wilsons Promontory, and subsequently develop a prototype which addresses the sensitivity of coastal environments.

Contact: Robyn Cooney, (056) 581 536

Backpacker Product Development Workshops


The Lakes and Wilderness Tourism Association will hold workshops throughout Gippsland and East Gippsland to encourage the establishment of cooperative arrangements between local transport, tour and accommodation operators for developing the backpacker market in Gippsland and with the objective of cooperatively developing backpacker friendly touring product.

Contact: Duncan Waterman, (051) 551 966

Guide To Backpacker Accommodation And Services In Melbourne $6,000

The City of Melbourne has received funding to prepare a Guide to Backpacker Accommodation in the City of Melbourne incorporating a range of information in a concise, easy to read format.

Contact: Sally Vivian, (03) 9658 9800

Guidelines For The Development Of Backpacker Accommodation In The City Of Melbourne $15,000

The City of Melbourne has received a second grant to develop guidelines covering all relevant planning, building and health controls applicable in the City of Melbourne to provide a consolidated reference for developers of backpacker accommodation ancf to complement the Commonwealth's Guidelines for Backpacker Accommodation.

Contact: Sally Vivian, (03) 9658 9800


Development Of A National Central Reservations System


The Victorian Tourism Operators Association Inc will receive $105,000 towards a National Central Reservation System to be developed for Australian rural tourism. The joint venture between Victorian Tourism Operators Association (VTOA), Australian Farm and Country Tourism (AFACT) and the Australian Bed and Breakfast Association (ABBC) will focus on creating/aligning what is recognised as

national/international best practice in the area of computer reservations for rural tourism experiences.

Contact: Peter Shelley, (03) 9654 2618


Great Southern Food & Wine Trail

Geelong Otway Tourism will receive $25,000 towards the Great Southern Food & Wine Trail in south­ west Victoria which will focus on rural product, wineries, bed & breakfasts and produce farms, of the Geelong/Otway region. The Great Southern Touring Route provides an abundant supply of gourmet foods and wines, and combined with the spectacular scenery of the Grampian Mountain Ranges, the

old gold rush towns, Shipwreck Coast, and the Otway Ranges Rainforest ensures an unforgettable holiday experience for both domestic and international visitors.

Contact: Roger Grant, (052) 232588








Pine Rivers Wetlands Environmental Centre

The Pine Rivers Shire Council will construct an interpretive centre, boardwalks, bird hide, amphitheatre and interpretive signage within a wetlands area adjacent to Pine River. The interpretive centre will incorporate innovative technologies, including valuable interactive material for cnildren, and be built with recycled materials wherever possible.


Contact: John Rauber, (07) 32050555

Redevelopment of the Lake Wabby Walking Track and Viewing Platform

A $59,000 grant will go to the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage to redevelop degraded sections of the walking track and construct a viewing platform overlooking Fraser Island's Lake Wabby.


Contact: Lachlan Fullarton, (079) 360511

Shute Harbour Walking Track


The Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage has also received funding to develop self guided interpretive walks within the Shute Harbour walking track system - including reconstruction and upgrade of existing tracks and visitor facilities.

Contact: Gary Rees, (079) 518788

Eungella National Park - Self Guided Interpretive Walk


A third grant to the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage is for the development of a self guided interpretive walk within the Broken River walking track system, Eungella National Park, including the construction of a viewing platform and upgrade of the existing lookout.

Contact: Gary Rees, (079) 518788

The Douglas Shire Tourism Strategy

The Douglas Shire Council is to develop a tourism strategy for the Douglas Shire, Far North Queensland which will plan for and manage rapidly increasing visitation to the Daintree World Heritage area.


Contact: Julia Leu, (070) 982466

Monitoring Programs for Use by Marine Tourism Operators and Community Volunteers $64,000

Funding will go to the James Cook University of North Queensland to develop simple, low-cost techniques that can be used reliably by tourism operators and volunteer community groups within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area to monitor changes in the condition of coraHeefs that they visit regularly.

Contact: Graeme Inglis, (077) 814705


Capricorn Rural Backpacker Strategy


The Capricorn Tourism and Development Organisation will receive funding to develop a strategy to examine methods of attracting more backpackers to the rural areas of the Capricorn region (which includes Rockhampton City and the shires of Banana, Bauhinia, Duaringa, Emerald, Fitzroy, Jericho, Livingstone, Mount Morgan and Peak Downs).

Contact: Stephen Pahl, (079) 272055

Think National, Act Local - How To Make The National Backpacker Tourism Strategy Work For Cooloola $ 20,000

This strategy, to be developed by the Cooloola Regional Development Board, will examine each section of the National Backpacker Tourism Strategy and assess its significance on the Cooloola Region, providing a blueprint for the development of backpacker tourism growth in the region.

Contact: Maria Webb, (074) 825 444


Development Of A Far North Queensland Regional Backpacker Association $40,000

An industry facilitator will be engaged by the Far North Queensland Promotion Bureau to co-ordinate the development of a Far North Queensland Regional Backpacker Association that could become a branch of any future National Backpacker Association. The facilitator will also examine a number of the key issues impacting on the backpacker industry in northern Queensland at the present time.

Contact: Steve Noakes, (070) 513 588

Richmond Caravan Park Backpacker Program


The Richmond Shire Council will receive a grant to construct backpacker infrastructure facilities incorporating two separate accommodation units and one kitchen/ablution block in Richmond. The facilities will be situated in the Richmond Caravan Park, be fully self-contained and cater for up to 16 backpackers per night.

Contact: Garry Cameron, (077) 413 277

Sunshine Coast Integrated Marketing And Awareness Strategy $50,000

Tourism Sunshine Coast will develop an integrated backpacker marketing and awareness strategy for the Sunshine Coast region. The strategy will educate existing operators on the benefits and importance of the backpacker market and how to attract backpacker/independent travellers as well as introducing new marketing activities.

Contact: Merran Dobson, (074) 436 400

W hitsunday On The Web


This project, to be undertaken by the Whitsunday Shire Council, will provide a broad based, multi­ media, non-commercial information source on the Whitsundays to backpackers world-wide, giving emphasis to the natural environment and the extensive range of backpacker activities available.

Contact: Bevan Slattery, (079) 450 215

Upgrade Of Camping Shelters


The Seisia Council will receive funding to upgrade four camping shelters to provide a better standard of accommodation for backpackers visiting Seisia. This will form part of an overall plan by the Seisia Council to upgrade all 13 camp shelters in the area to attract greater numbers of tourists.

Contact: Arthur Wong, (070) 693 133

Site Planning And Analysis Of A Backpacker Adventure Tourism Node $35,000

This' project is a pilot study which, to be undertaken by the Far North Queensland Promotion Bureau, involves a site analysis of a Backpacker Adventure Tourism Destination located in Far North Queensland (Koombooloomba Dam). If the location proves suitable, a village similar to a ski resort will be constructed to provide a base for a range of backpacker activities.

Contact: Steve Noakes, (070) 513 588 ·


Rural Tourism M arketing Project


The Capricorn Tourism and Development Organisation will receive $12,500 for the Rural Tourism Marketing Project. The project will develop strategies which enable rural tourism operators to attract a wider range of visitors to experience their products. It will be developed as a demonstration project which can be adopted for use by other regions of Australia.

Contact: Stephen Pahl, (079) 272055

Training Manual And Video For Designing and Implementing Rural Tourism Special Events And Conferences $60,000 The South Burnett Local Government Association will receive $60,000 for the design and development of a training manual as a guide to producing and co-ordinating special events, particularly international conferences, in rural areas. The model will be based on the South Burnett region in Queensland but will be applicable to the majority of rural Australia.

Contact: Mr Geoff Milgate, (071) 68 1984




Whale Watch - Conspicuous Cliffs

The Peaceful Bay Progress Association and the Department of Conservation and Land Management will receive funding to rehabilitate the Conspicuous Cliffs area, Walpole-Normalup National Park, for visitors. The project will include a walking track, access step system to the beach and summit, viewing platforms including facilities for the disabled, shelters, general rehabilitation of the site and development of interpretive information.

Contact: Mavis Evans, (098) 408103


Two Peoples Bay Visitor Centre


The Department of Conservation and Land Management will build a visitor centre and associated infrastructure in the main recreation area of Two Peoples Bay nature reserve. An important element will be providing visitors with information on how they can minimise their impacts on the reserve.

Contact: Ian Herford, (098) 417133

Movement and Behavioural Patterns of Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef: the Implications for Tourism $63,511

Research will be conducted by CSIRO's Division of Fisheries to provide data for the basis of a management plan. Baseline monitoring of the whale shark resource will be carried out to study behavioural patterns and the effects or tourism on the whale shark population.

Contact: J Stevens, (002) 325353

Kimberley Aboriginal Sustainable Land Use Study


The Kimberley Aboriginal Tourism Association will establish a post-graduate scholarship for two years to investigate the social and environmental impacts of tourism on Aboriginal lands in the Kimberley, and to provide data to assist in the planning and development of sustainable tourism undertaken by Aboriginal communities.

Contact: Lyn Williamson, (091) 937527


Yanchep To Melaleuca Walk Trail


The North West Metro Tourism Association will receive funding to construct a 35 km walk trail between Yanchep and Melaleuca, with campsites, shelters and other facilities at Pinjar and Melaleuca, to provide backpackers and other independent travellers with the opportunity to experience the wonders of the West Australian forest within easily accessible close proximity to Perth. The walk trail offers unique experiences in Melaleuca wetlands, Banksia woodlands and Tuart forest.

Contact: Alan Briggs, (09) 405 1222


The Cellar: Opening The Door To Tourism


The Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association will receive $35,000 towards the integration of the tourism and wine industries in the Margaret River Region. The project will include the creation of an inventory of tourism facilities offered by wineries, education and training, cooperative marketing, and wine tourism seminars. The Margaret River region is fast becoming a popular tourist location due to its fast growing wine industry which now produces around 40% of the state's wine.

Contact: Pauline McLeod, (097) 572911.




Ngak:Indau Wetland Project

Glossop High School will receive a grant to develop walking trails, viewing areas and provide interpretive material for Wetlands in Bookmark Biosphere Region.

Contact: Michael Schultz, (085) 832004


Innes National Park Eco Awareness Centre


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources will construct an eco awareness centre at the entrance to Innes National Park. The centre will be used as a model for ecological design using minimal operating energy requirements and indigenous materials. It will incorporate an interpretive area and an auditorium to accommodate school and other groups, and will include public amenities and a visitor service/admin area.

Contact: Bruce Bone, (088) 8544040


Pumphouse Bunkhouse


The District Council of Mannum will undertake a project to renovate and convert the old pumphouse (built in 1887), situated within the boundaries of tne Mannum Caravan Park, to provide a unique backpacker accommodation to meet the needs of backpackers in the lower Murray region of South Australia.

Contact: Glen Brus, (085) 691 480


Barossa Food, Wine And Cultural Experience


The Barossa Regional Economic Development Authority will receive $39,000 for the development of a series of cultural, arts and food trails through the rich Barossa region. Designed to compliment the successful wine tourism profile of the region, a series of trails will be developed to maximise the returns from tourism to the region. -

Contact: Brian Sincock, (085) 633603




Mt Field National Park Visitor Facility


The Parks and Wildlife Service of Tasmania will receive funding to construct an environmentally sensitive visitor information, education and interpretive facility at Mt Field National Park. The visitor facililty will provide orientation, information ana interpretation for visitors to both Mt Field National Park and the nearby World Heritage Area.

Contact: Sue Haimes, (002) 332639


Development Of The West Coast Backpacker Trail


The West Coast Council will develop a comprehensive walking trail (200 Km in length) for backpackers and other independent budget travellers to provide access to a spectacular wilderness frontier on the West Coast of Tasmania. The project will provide significant long term tourism benefits for the towns of Strahan, Zeehan, Rosebery, Tullah and Queenstown.

Contact: Allen Rose, (004) 717 411


Marketing Rural Tourism In Tasmania Via The World Wide Web $15,200

Tasmania's South Regional Tourism Association Ltd will receive $15,200 to trial the use of the Internet as a promotional tool for rural tourism operators. The Association will develop a 'homepage' on the World Wide Web which will contain information on all the rural tourism operations across the State. The project will also provide an opportunity to train operators in electronic marketing. The project will be used as a demonstration model for other rural areas in Australia.

Contact: Paul Ashton, (002) 308399

"Cottages Of The Colony"


The Northern Midlands Council will receive funding of $10,250 towards the development of a product manual and promotional material for Tasmania's "Cottages of the Colony" group. The group was established in 1990 to co-ordinate and market a number of historic cottages that had been restored for tourist accommodation. The project aims to develop a high standard of business performance by the group and demonstrate the benefits of business planning and strategic marketing as effective tools for developing the sector nationally.

Contact: Gerald Monson, (003) 911303




Gurriluk Visitors Centre - Children's Interpretation Feature


The Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory will receive a grant to design, construct and install a series of interpretive activities for children at the new Nitmiluk National Park Visitor Centre (Gurriluk). The interpretive activities will feature a number of games and play facilities with environmental and cultural messages incorporated within their structure.

Contact: Brent Williams, (089) 738770

Katherine Region Ecotourism Plan


The Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation will develop a five year plan for the development and streamlining of ecotourism projects on Jawoyn lands in the Katherine region and the integration of ecotourism into other Northern Territory tourism development plans.

Contact: Nick DiCandilo, (089) 711100


Preparing Rural Events & Festivals For 2000 And Beyond


The Central Australian Tourism Industry Association will receive $40,000 to develop a guide to assist rural communities to turn their local festivals and events into tourism attractions. A model will be developed based on the Alice Springs area and its range of festivals and events and will offer practical ’how to' advice on promotion and marketing and organisational aspects.

Contact: James Corvan, (089) 525199



Farmstay Traineeship Project


The Rural Training Council of Australia will receive $39,000 to develop the National Farmstay Traineeship Scheme. The traineeship will be developed as a 12 month course, with trainees undertaking off-the-job formal training by an accredited training provider such as TAPE, to complement their on-the-job training. This project will complement the TAPE curriculum project being developed by Tourism Training Australia. Once developed, the traineeship will be promoted and implemented

nationally by the Rural and Tourism NETTFORCE Training Companies.

Contact: Ian McFarlane, (06) 273 2514