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Austcare appeal for refugees in Lebanon

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AUSTCAREA.ON. 001 2S1 930Ό(59*71 Parramatta Road Camperdown NSW 2050 Locked Bag 15 Post Office Camperdown 2050MEDIA RELEASE For Immediate Release 24 April 1995Telephone: (02) 665 9111 Facsimile: (02) 55o 4509 < £ c c > n c m / c . n i s i 'CPsdtAUSTCARE APPEAL FOR REFUGEES IN LEBANONAUSTCARE - Australia’s specialist refugee agency - in association with ACFOA, has today ’written to the Minister for Foreign Affairs Alexander Downer, requesting an increase In the level of emergency assistance being provided by the Australian Government to the people affected by the current crisis in Lebanon."We welcome the Government's earlier announcement of $20,000 to be provided through the embassy In Beirut to the AUSTCARE supported Βυη El-Barajneh refugee camp and the $75,000 from AusAID's Humanitarian Relief Program to be channelled through the Australian Red Cross," said AUSTCARE Program Coordinator Patricia Garcia, who returned from Lebanon last week,"However, in view Of the magnitude of humanitarian need and the number of people affected, we are calling on the Government to increase the level of emergency assistance to $500,000".Ms Garcia said that latest reports from Lebanon indicate that humanitarian needs are Increasing daily as the ttombings and hostilities have not ceased, and more deaths, injuries and displacement are occurring throughout the country."Some 400,000 innocent civilians are suffering and in desperate need of basis relief items such as food, shelter, blankets, end medicines," she sold. "AUSTCARE is providing direct funding for refugees in southern Lebanon through its various projects in the region".Donations can bo made in support of the AUSTCARE Appeal by phoning #1800 021 103.AUSTCARE has also requested that the: Prime Minister and the Foreign Affairs Minister use their diplomatic efforts to push for an immediate ceasefire in southern Lebanon and the withdrawal of Israel from the a^ea in line with UN Security Council Resolution 425.endsPat'icia Garcia Is available for Interview. #505 9111 (w) or 9968 1459 (h) or Clive Miller on #015 283 954. *.i f -IN-CHieA·.l f n C> THE GOvcru-j iA-GENEAa l ν '· Au s t r a l ia;3tN"ING 1*1 UNITED NATO.} KiiJR COMMI33lim{R FOR REFUSE? 1 (UNHCR) tn nullAn (.l public Intornwiimt education i lin'd (Iblnfl. and uniting me Mtiwing natonal r g i- l j -livns ii" " g 1“ ' MlLgera:’··."·· Saplst W.vld A ./Ji - Q i.o ie 'S iM c c Council« ftu n g Men s Ch"Sii5b Aisvcint'O r,· N .itivvil Council ot i . Uniccf Convriitco cl AusV»t.' · ΑυΓ,ΐίΐιΛη Lulhcmn War d : : · C iLsI'ni'-ir. lb w.$i'»re $ 0 i‘eti6:- · Community ·\κ! ABrcud « Ycur>5 Women n Cnriytian Association · Inlc'rntionai SoCin SercCfl · fn c. ■ oyh ce Order - / Set. :ei c s ... - n - r I worm 0 -acc.n j i , n,· it. e p $ c " i J C η ^ Ό '. ιι ■?.' n„ »;■ s a . a·~si v s" '-"on" c ■ Gn. elopm e*: ngency · Save # S ·"■'.' t ’ ' vr ·â– ' 11 1 - s'/ni n