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Government tables discrimination report

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76 June 199.S

Sue Walpole1, Sex Discrimination Commissioner, today welcomed the Attorney-General’ s report reviewing Taxation, Social Security and other legislation currently exempt from the Sex DiscriminauoA Act 1984.

The Attorney’s repoit, tabled in Parliament today, recommends removal or limitation o f many o f the existing exemptions. "‘This is an important step forward to equality,” said Ms Walpole. * It brings us closer to the complete removal o f discrimination in all. Commonwealth legislation."

'.Tie taxation exempt"on w ill now be limited to marital starns discrimination. Various Service pensions w il no longer be exempt from the Sex Discrimination A c t’s operation and the National Health Act exemption is to be phased out. "These changes indicate an understanding and acceptance bj the Government of the need for all areas o f public administration and law to be

non-discriminatory” , said Ms Walpole.

To assist the Attorney, a review of the Social Security Act was conducted by a steering committee chaired by the Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Sue Walpole. Members o f the committee represented the Department of Social Security , the Office o f the Status o f Women and th.e Attoi ney-Gcaeral’s Department. The review also recommends a series o f options for

removing discrimination in the Social Security Act. The Attorney’ s report sets an agreed tim e­ frame of twelve months for further analysis to be conducted by the M inister for Social Security and the Stam; o f Women, Senator Jocelyn Newman.

‘These questions art at the heart o f the Sex Discrimination Act, I hope this further work w ill allow us to come to grips with the difficult questions of marital status, women’ s economic ndepimdenec and dtpendente, in a manner that w ill result in fuitVier positive change,” said Ms Walpole.

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