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Free Albert Langer: Commission to argue for Langer's release on human rights grounds

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NEWS RELEASE Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission


Commission to argue for Langer’s release on human rights grounds

Thursday 7 March . '

Today b Melbourne the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission appears before the Full Court of the Court of Appeal to argue for the release of Albert Lartger.

“This will be the third time the Commission has appeared in Court on this matter,” says Human Rights Commissioner Chris Sidotl.

T h s ^ e t e h M n m n rights gtomals that a w _ iu r te r ^ te ^ .o f to L a n g e r

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valid and not’illegal under ^ -E le c to ra l Act but*to; encourage' pebpl^to^olso'is an. offence.

“In a statement issued at the time of Mr Lahger's incarceration ^ ^ ^ l s s i o n said the .. | ; τ · provision in the’Electoral Act was anomalous 'and resulted in a violati0nfof the right to freedom of speech. Even if a custodial sentence were appropriate, no purpose would be served by detaining Mr Langer past the closure of polls on Saturday 2 March,” says Mr Sidotl.

“In addition, the Commission called for urgent referral of the legislative anomaly in the Electoral Act to the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Matters when the Parliament tis convened,” he says.

Contacts: Human Rights Commission Chris SIJuu will be available from Syuii-ry for comments or. the case at the end of the day's proceedings.

For further information or bterviews please contact HREOC Public Affairs Manager Margie Cook on (02) 284 9677 or 018 114 498.

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7 March, 19»e