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Australia 2010: Creating the future: Australia-Education edition: launched by the Business Council of Australia

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Australia 2010: Creating the future Australia -Education Edition Launched By The Business Council of Australia

Today, the President of the Business Council of Australia, Mr. Ian Salmon launched the Council’s latest publication Australia 2010: Creating the future Australia - Education Edition.


Based on the Business Council’s highly successful Australia 2010 report, this new publication has been prepared as supplementary educational resource material for teachers, lecturers and students of Year 11, Year 12 and First Year University Economics, Commerce and Business Studies. .

The text outlines to Australian students and professional educators an approach to achieving the long term economic vision of returning Australia to one of the top ten nations in the world, in terms of per capita income.

Aligned with current curricula, the book covers a variety of areas including: 1. Improving Australia’s Economic Performance 2. Objectives for Australia in the Year 2010 3. The External Environment - Australia and the World Economy 4. The Role of Business and Private Investment 5. The Role of People and Employment 6. The Role of the External Sector

Today, Mr. Salmon posed a challenge to our youth and the educators of tomorrow’s business leaders to think aboput their long term vision for Australia and determine the national objectives and strategic policy directions needed to fulfil the vision.

He said “In presenting its case for a high growth, high income strategy for Australia, the Business Council is fully aware that economic performance is not an end in itself, it is a means to an end. It is the means by which we can do the things the community desires

- to provide high levels of education and health care, high levels of employment, high environmental standards, and appropriate support for the disadvantaged.”

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Mr Salmon said that the core of the report’s message is:

• First, Australia is part of an open international economy. There is no useful distinction to be drawn between “domestic” and “international” policy - everything we do must be considered from the viewpoint of whether it improves our international position.

• Second, in order to manage our future to best effect we need a clear vision of where we want to go. From that we must develop a strategy for obtaining our goals. This is what the world’s best businesses do, it is what sporting champions do, it is what the high performers in all activities do.

• Third, our future is in our own hands. While we will be affected by what others do, and must manage our way through external shocks of one kind or another, the really big influences on our economic growth will be the decisions we as Australians make about how we manage our own affairs.

The launch - 10.00 am Friday 14 July 1995, ANA Hotel, Cambridge Room 1, 176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney.

12 July 1995

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