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Lady Nelson Flags news work opportunities

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D81/95 5 April 1995

Attn COS: Embargo 9am 6 April. This story may provide supplementary footage for ABS Employment Figure coverage.

Lady Nelson Flags New W ork Opportunities

U r^ z v x p tc y y Γν^^ΑΛ - Tout . A group of young unemployed Tasmanians will start the adventure of a life-time this week as they join the. crew of the historic brig. Lady Nelson, when she sails for Queensland.

The people will spend six months aboard the Lady Nelson under the Federal Government's Working Nation initiative New Work Opportunities. The formerly long term unemployed sailors will study for their limited Coxswain certificate aboard the replica ship.

Twenty-year-old Daniel Reardon who had been unemployed for two years said he has always loved the sea and had worked in boat yards and on commercial fishing boats. While he was out of work he studied various courses at Hobart TAPE.

"I couldn't believe my luck when the CES called and asked me if I was interested in sailing on the Lady Nelson. I had to think about it for two seconds before I said 'yes'," Daniel said.

Caleb Pearce, 21, and Stephan U 'ltn , 20, are also participating in the New Work Opportunities program joining other crew members under the leadership of Captain Simon Barnes.

The New Work Opportunities program Is part of a package of measures introduced by the Federal Government under its Working Nation jobs strategy. The program offers six months work experience and training to people who have been registered with the CES for 18 months or more.

Duncan Kerr, MHR for Denison, today congratulated the participants saying that the Lady Nelson project was just one of the many creative New Work Opportunities projects assisting Tasmania's long term unemployed people under the Working Nation strategy. "The Federal Government has also committed an estimated $2.2 million under New Work Opportunities for

the Hobart Aquatic Centre," he said.

Mr Kerr said the Department of Employment, Education and Training (DEBT) is currently calling for expressions of interest for projects that can benefit the community and long term unemployed people and he encouraged groups to come forward with constructive proposals,

The Lady Nelson Is a full sized replica of a brig of the same name. The original was built in England in 1798 and played an important role in the European settlement of Tasmania.

Today's Lady Nelson was commissioned on the 17 December 1988 by the Tasmanian Sail Training Association, to allow modem sailors to experience the joys of square rig sailing. She is sponsored by the financial services company, GIO, Qantas, a number of Tasmanian companies, and from private donations.

The Lady Nelson will spend the winter at Sanctuary Cove in Queensland where She will do four sail training programs and tourist charters. In May she will be one of the show pieces of the International Boat Show, and will play a very important promotional role for Tasmania.

Employers and community groups interested in sponsoring New Work Opportunity projects should contact their local CBS.

Participants will be on board the Lady Nelson and available for comment at: 11am, Thursday 6 April, 1095. Elizabeth Street Pier Hobart.

Media contacts: Peter Robinson, Duncan Kerr's Office (002) 345 151- ; Anne Morgan, DEBT Tasmania (002) 35724. Suzanne Pearl, Tasmanian Sail Training Association (002) 348 522 (015) 870 428.