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Unemployed for 18 months, Jaysen gets a job - thanks to working nation

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07/95 May 2 1995

Unemployed for 18 months, Jaysen gets a job - thanks to W orking Nation

For ?0-year-old Jaysen Ballantine, from western Sydney, and his Penrith employer Tom Walsh, Working

Nation is far more than just a key Government employment


It’s a living, working example of how a major Government program can get long-term unemployed people

job ready and then back to work, Jaysen had boon unsuccessfully looking for a job for 18 months when he was: personally case-managed under Employment Assistance Australia (EAA) at Penrith CES.

EAA case manager Leanne Hand found a place for

Jaysen on a LEAP (handcar® and Environment Action

Program) course at Bent’e ' · Basin near Wallacia, about 20 kilometres from Penrith, where he learned basic skills in

landscaping and horticulture.

Meanwhile, Tom and Wendy Walsh were looking for a junior employee for their family business, Max’s Garden

Barn and Saddlery in Peachtree Road, Penrith.

Mr Walsh discussed his staffing needs with Bob

Hall, d e e t ’ε Regional Manager at Penfith, following a presentation of DEET services at a South Penrith Rotary

Club meeting.

within two days, Mr Walsh was interviewing Jaysen Ballantine for the job vacancy. He was very impressed, and after giving Jaysen a da^'s trial, offered him the position,

Leanne Hand arranged a 39-weeks Jobstart wage subsidy incentive under Working Nation for Mr Walsh to

employ Jaysen.


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Jaysen has been such a success that he's now on the

permanent staff of Max's Garden Barn.

"Jayeen’s done really well," Mr Walsh said today. "We're very happy with him, very much so, and we've had excellent feedback from our customers about how helpful

he is. He's making progress all the time and is now an

integral part of our operation." Mr walsh said that after meeting and talking with Jayson, he couldn't understand why he had been unemployed

for eo long.

"Frankly we've had difficulties in the past getting

staff through the CES, but if ever we're looking again

for someone else I'll not hesitate to contact Bob Hall at

DEBT," he said.

Mr Hall said the successful placement of Jaysen was a classic example of how case management was working.

"Since case management started last March, the CES

has demonstrated its ability to deliver an enhanced level

of individual service arid is increasing the level of employment outcomes, which is the primary goal of Working

Nation," he said.

Jaysen said today he had had more than 100 job

interviews over the 18 months he was unemployed.

"I was always too qualified or not qualified enough, or too old or too young," he said. "After a while

you think no-one'a ever going to offer you a job. It gets very depressing and being unemployed gets so monotonous and very boring.

"I wrote to 800 nurseries in Sydney and the central

coast asking for a job, and only got 20 replies from the

whole lot, "Doing the LEAP course was good- I enjoyed it very much. I learned a number of skills and then got a

certificate to say I'd done something while unemployed.

It gave me a kick in the pants to get back to looking for work again.

"when the CES rang me about this job, I jumped at the opportunity. ·..../3

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"Now I really enjoy going to work and of course

it's good to have pay in your pocket each week. Hopefully

I won't be unemployed ever again.” Jayson will complete his first year in the job in

mid-August, just before his 21st birthday.

"Having the job is certainly a great birthday present," he said.

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