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Hotel Diana takes 4 long-term unemployed people on staff

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The following may make a good pic story to accompany the emnloyment flpurex. It relates to the Hotel Diana, a Korean-run hotel In Woolloongabba, Queensland. The Hotel, which features a Korean Bath-hous^has employed long term unemployed people under the Federal Government’s Working Nation strategy.


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H otel D iana takes 4 long-term unem ployed people on s ta ff

Hotel Diana, Woolloongabba's new boutique hotel which officially opened this month, has taken on four long-term unemployed people using Working Nation* initiatives. (The four employees and the Hotel manager have agreed to publicity on the appointments.)

The CF.S received 475 written applications for 45 positions at the hotel, The interview process was rigorous — it took five interviews for each employee before the hotel made its final decisions,

Derails o f the four Working Nation successes:

Runella Few quandie, 21 years, Aboriginal, programs used: Case Management*, Job Compact*, and ilobstart* (Ronella had been job hunting for 4 years, 9 months.)

Jean Forrest, 46 years, Aboriginal; programs used. Case Management and Job start

M arg aret M cC orm ack, 53 years, sole parent, programs used; Jobstart

Souja Pointing, 22 years, programs used: Job Compact and Job start

To make them more competitive in their job search, the CHS referred all four long-term unemployed people to an 8-week housekeeper/room attendant course at Woolloongabba SkillShare. They graduated on March 10, 1995. This training led to their successful job hunt.

^Working Nation...Case Management...Job Compact...Jobstart

Working Nation This month marks the first anniversary o f Working Nation, the Federal Government's four-year, employment and training package aimed at boosting jobs growth and skills in the workforce,

Working Nation aims to ensure the long-term unemployed are not left behind during the economic recovery The package is designed to meet both the social and economic needs o f the nation and to get the whole community working toward the goal of getting the unemployed back to work.

In th e last year, lo n g - t e r m u n e m p lo y m e n t has drop p ed b y 2 5 per c e n t -- o n e o f the largest 12

m o n th falls o n record

The seasonally adjusted national unemployment rate released on May 11 is 8.3%

Case Management Case management, an initiative o f the Working Notion package, provides long-term unemployed people with individual case managers - specialist employment officers who work individually with the job seeker to identity and tackle any barriers to them finding work. It can involve

updating skills through training courses, or simply improving job search techniques or presentation.

Job Compact Job Compact, a Working Nation initiative, gives long-term unemployed people individual case managers and access to a range o f labour market programs leading to a firm offer o f a job placement. It applies to all people 18 years or older who have been receiving Job Search or N ewstart Allowance for more than 18 months. In return, the Government requires a reciprocal

obligation from the unemployed to accept any reasonable job placement offer or lose entitlement to income support for a period.

Job start Jobstart is a CES-administered wage subsidy program which was expanded under Working Nation. It offers financial incentives for up to 39 weeks to employers who recruit eligible job seekers. Payments range from $70 to $230 For a full-time position. An additional $500 is paid to

employers who keep the employee on after 12 months, if that employee had been at least 18 months unemployed at the time o f recruitment.

Other details;

Hotel Diana The hotel is owned and operated by the

12 Anncrley Road Samdoo Corporation located next door Woolloongabba Hotel Diana is a 67 room, 4-star hotel encompassing an a la carte restaurant,

coffee shop, bar and Korean-slyk bath house.

For more information:

Daphne McKenzie or Laurie Cook

CES Public Relations Manager Hotel Diana

(07) 226 9555 or 226 9084 (07)891 6277