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DEET'S technical aid strengthens links with Pacific region

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D 178/95 14 June 1995

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DEBT'S TECHNICAL AID STRENGTHENS l.INKS W IT H PACII IC REGION Po-Ci^fC. k j s&x Australia has taken further steps to strengthen its links with the Pacific region though increased cooperation between the Department o f Employment, Education and Training (DEET) and a number o f labour departments in the Pacific.

DEET Secretary, M r Derek Volker, announced today that DEET will provide two computers and technical assistance to counterpart departments in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Western Samoa and Kiribati.

"This assistance will strengthen these departments' employment services, career information and labour market information, and is linked to a project o f the International Labour Organisation to support labour departments in the Pacific," M r Volker said

"Australian experience and expertise can be o f great benefit to smaller nations in the region," Mr Volker said "There is also benefit to Australia in developing a shared understanding o f regional employment issues with Pacific countries

"These linkages between government departments will help to strengthen the infrastructure o f the region and, in turn, the Pacific regional economy. It is important that our Government departments such as DEBT support this key priority of the Australian Government, through ongoing cooperation," he said.

The ILO Project to Support Pacific Labour Departments (PACLAB) began in 1990 and has benefited from continuing support from DEET The work o f the departments involved has advanced as a result o f the project Extending the use o f computers in this work will reinforce

progress in improving the employment services and labour market information in these countries

Mr Don Fraser, Chief Technical Adviser, TT.O, praised DEET's contribution in this area

"Cooperation in the three main technical areas o f placement services, xvork infonnation centres and labour market information has worked because o f the guaranteed competence of the consultants provided by DEBT Their efforts have been invaluable," he said

Media contact: Dudley M a rtin , International Services Branch, DEET, Ph. (06) 240 75.1.3 (cO U fp *··)

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