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Joint weapon test at Woomera

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NEWS RELEASE DPR 73/95 Wednesday, 9 August, 1995


The United States and Royal Australian Air Forces will today test a new conventional air-to-surface missile on the Woomera Instrumented Range facility in South Australia.

The test reflects the close defence ties between the two countries and Defence Department policy to encourage use of the Woomera range.

The test weapon is the AGM-142 medium range infra-red guided air-to- ground missile which has a range of more than 50 nautical miles (90 kms) and carries a conventional warhead. However, the test missile will have an inert, or non-explosive, warhead.

The AGM-142 and another infra-red guided missile, the AGM-130, are being considered by the RAAF as stand-off weapons for its F/A-18 and F - 11-1 aircraft. Stand-off weapons allow aircraft to accurately deliver a weapon while maintaining a safe distance from ground defences. .

The inert missile will be launched from a USAF B-52 on a non-stop flight from Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana and back to Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. Although only one missile will be fired, two B-52s will make the non-stop flight, each carrying an AGM-142 to ensure a successful test.

Further Information: Brigadier D’Hage Ph 06-2652929