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Care Australia assisting children from Kibeho massacre

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ΖΓΧ- . Λ - r Sunday 23 April 1995

CARE Australia Assisting Children from Kibeho Massacre ^-UJOuAdLoL CARE Australia is assisting children at a centre in Butare who have been lost or orphaned as a result of the massacres at Kibeho camp for displaced persons in south west Rwanda.

At least 200 and as many as 1,000 people are estimated to have either been shot or trampled to death at the camp and many others have been wounded.

CARE Australia National Director Ian Harris says tire agency has been requested by UNICEF to assist at the transit centre for unaccompanied children from Kibeho.

"Were all deeply shocked at the events at Kibeho. We are providing mattresses, blankets, medicines and clothing to tire centre and sending down mattresses and Clothing from Kigali, Our staff are also assisting with the medical screening of the children."

CARE Australia has been operating medical clinics at Kibeho for the past four months and has a separate centre in nearby Butare for lost and orphaned children.

"We have also provided our tracing teams to assist with registering the children from Kibeho. The idea is to keep all the children from Kibeho in one centre - rather than place them in existing centres - so they can be registered, medically screened, and tracing can then begin immediately."

"About 80 children were due to arrive at the centre yesterday and many more are expected following the latest violence."

Prior to the massacres, there were warnings of an outbreak of cholera at Kibeho. There had been little or no water for a few days and people had been drinking from extremely unsafe supplies,

Kibeho has an estimated population of 130,000 and is the largest camp for displaced persons in Rwanda.

CARE Australia National Director lan Harris is available for interviews. Media Contact: Andrew McCutcheon 0419 56 7777

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