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More jobs opportunities for people with a disability

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More Jobs Opportunities for People with a Disability

Gold Coast people with a disability will benefit from further increases in Federal funding to targeted employment services in the region.

Gold Coast-based Labor Senator Mai Colston today welcomed giants of $77,800 to the House With No Steps which will initially assist fifteen people with a disability to obtain employment and achieve financial independence.

"House With No Steps will receive a grant of $35,800 this year to assist eleven people with a psychiatric disability and four school leavers with a disability to find and retain employment," Senator Colston said.

"An additional grant of $42,000 this year will assist in the establishment of the service.

"These grants form part of a national four year $42 million funding package for new and expanded services for people with a disability."

People with disabilities face many barriers in their attempts to find and retain work.

"Up to half a million Australians with a disability are capable of employment, providing the type of job is compatible with their disability," Senator Colston said.

With extra funding provided to the Gold Coast region, more people with a disability will receive much needed assistance to find and keep employment.

In line with the focus of a recent report concerning the employment of people with a disability, Working Solution, the client, not the seivice, is at the centre of the government's disability programs.

The individual approach, as will be followed by the service conducted by the House With No Steps, will help ensure satisfactory outcomes for both the employee and employer."

Further information: Senator Mai Colston (07) 5571 0555 (Office) (07) 3378 2553 (Home)

SOUTHPORT 19 December 1995