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Carman Lawrence cornea under attack from disability magazine

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Carmen Lawrence cornea under attack from disability magazine

In a strongly worded editorial, Jell Heath, the Editor o f the national disability magazine

Link, baa soundly criticised Carmen Lawivuve, the Federal Minister responsible for

disability issues.

’ Since Link was first published in 1980, we have never found a Minister, Liberal or

Labor, that is so illusive and disinterested in disability issues ns the present Minister,

Carmen Lawiuncc. For more than seven months she bus Ignored our phone calls, faxes

And letters requesting a general ‘personality* interview She. has also ignored similar

requests for interviews with Australia’s premier disability radio program, Radio Link.

M ot e critically she refuses to discuss the Government's mismanagement o f the $5 million

Corporate Impacts fiasco (sec attachment),

‘This it n Minister who always seems to be available to discuss women Iv politick but is

almost totally inaccessible to organisations representing the interests o f aged ur disability

groups While she makes time to visit local groups In Penh, national organisations have

to fight long and hard ibt a jueeting. Rather tlian see representatives o f one Canberra

based national body in Canberra, she instated that three o f their senior members fly to

Perth for η meeting

Last week the Minister sponsored n national conference that claimed to cover a wide

gambit o f issues aflecting ‘men's health'. Yet she allowed this event to be hold with only

peripheral toforence to the issues faced by,men with disability

’ Unlike her predecessors she rarely presents Government policy at disability conferences,

»lio in normally unavailable to moot major consumer groups or national bodies and she

Ignores roquo^tn Horn tho media.

’U*S time disability had an icsponsiblc, attentive, vigilant and sensitive Minister.’

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