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[Massacre In Sarajevo, 18-06-1995]

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MEDIA RELEASE 19 June 1995



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In Sarajevo, 18-06-1995, a new massacre occured in the suburb of Dobrinja in which 7 civilians were killed and 14 wounded following a Serb attack on people looking for water.

The Prime Minister o f the Government o f the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr Haris Silajdzic issued a special statement in which he said:

“Another massacre has occured in which 7 of our citizens were killed, and 14 wounded. These people were killed and wounded as they looked for water. We will look, not from the governments o f the international community, but from the public and the parliaments o f the international community to force their governments to lift the arms embargo currently in place against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Every government that denies us the right to defend ourselves is a participant in every death.

Our message will be for the public and the parliaments to seek from their respective governments the lifting o f the arms embargo. Every government which insists on the arms embargo, and which does not want to lift the arms embargo, is a participant in the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

For more information, please contact Mr Fuad Djidic, Charge d’Affaires, Embassy of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzergovina on (06) 21p> 2741.