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Nulka Licence Agreement Signed

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The Department of Defence announced today that the licence agreement for the Nulka active missile decoy had been signed with AWA Defence Industries / c (AWADI).

The licence agreement gives AWADI the right to market, manufacture and sell the Nulka system to the Royal Australian Navy and other approved customers.

Nulka is an anti-missile decoy which is fired from a target ship when an incoming missile is detected.

The system uses a unique hovering rocket decoy, which under all weather conditions, allows optimum positioning of the decoy payload so as to attract anti-ship missiles away from their intended target.

Nulka was developed under a collaborative program with the United States Navy from a concept originally conceived by the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).

AWADI was selected in 1988 as the Australian prime contractor to develop the vehicle and launch system and in the same year the United States Navy placed a contract with US industry for the development of the payload.

The development process involved both the Royal Australian Navy and the United States Navy in comprehensive sea trials of the system.

In June last year AWADI was awarded an initial production contract to install Nulka in the first Royal Australian Navy Frigate.

With development successfully completed and production underway, signing the licence agreement clears the way for AWADI to begin marketing in earnest.

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