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Australian wine competing in world market

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6 February 1997

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Australian wine competing in world market

‘The Australian wine market is now being driven by the world wine market’, said Ms Fran Freeman, Senior Economist from ABARE, at Outlook 97 in Canberra today. ‘Export sales currently account for about 35 per cent of Australian wine sales and are projected to account for more than half of total sales in 2001-02.’

‘Australian wine grape growers are no longer competing just with each other, they are competing with the w orld’, Ms Freeman said. ‘The challenge for Australia, as a small player in the world market, is to match the grapes grown today with the wine demand of tom orrow.’

Mr Bruce McDougall, Southcorp’s Business Development Manager, believes that with planned phased growth, Australia can exploit its competitive advantage to become the world’s most influential and profitable supplier of branded wine.

Mr McDougall forecast that ‘by the year 2025, the Australian wine industry sales will be worth $4.5 billion’. ~

Mr McDougall said that ‘the future success of the Australian wine industry would hinge on innovations in growing and processing, and building on the past, to achieve greater market penetration through quality wine sales’.

Mr Bill Moularadellis, Executive Director of the Kingston Estate Winery, stated that small wineries will face particular challenges in raising the funds necessary for working capital and in attracting longer term investment in an expanding wine industry.

Speakers at the session, ‘Winegrapes’, were:

Mr Bruce McDougall, Business Development Manager, Southcorp; Mr Bill Moularadellis, Chief Executive, Kingston Estate Winery; Ms Fran Freeman, Senior Economist, ABARE.

For further information, contact:

During the Conference, Ms Rebecca Casey, OUTLOOK Media Centre on (06) 276 5243 or 018 487 825; After the Conference, Ms Fran Freeman, ABARE on (06) 272 2068.

ABARE thanks Apple Computer as the major sponsor of OUTLOOK 97.

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