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drumMUSTER launched for farm chemical container disposal

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Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Judith Troeth

AFFA98/09T 1 December 1998

drumMUSTER launched for farm chemical container disposal

A national program for the collection and recycling of the estimated 4 million non-returnable crop protection and animal health chemical containers sold to Australian farmers each year was launched today in Canberra.

Unveiling drumMUSTER at a ceremony at Parliament House, Senator Judith Troeth, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, described drumMUSTER as the single most important environmental initiative ever undertaken jointly by Australia’s farmers, the

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drumMUSTER has been developed by the National Farmers’ Federation, Australian Local Government Association, Avcare and Veterinary Manufacturers and Distributors Association for farmers to deliver empty cleaned containers to designated collection points run by participaiting local councils. It will commence operation from 1 February 1999.

The program will roll out around Australia as councils agree to participate.

Senator Troeth said drumMUSTER will result in a cleaner environment and safer farming.

“drumMUSTER is the environmentally responsible solution farmers have been looking for for the disposal of non-returnable crop protection and animal health chemical containers.

“If each of the 4 million non-returnable chemical containers sold to fanners each year was placed end to end, the line would stretch from Melbourne to Sydney and back.

“drumMUSTER allows for this huge number of containers to be treated as a resource to be re-used and recycled, rather than as a waste product.

“The program is a voluntary initiative of all stakeholders in the agricultural chemical industry. It is an excellent example of an industry taking responsibility for its environment, and will serve as a model for other industries looking to do the same.

“A successful drumMUSTER will produce a cleaner environment and food chain, which will significantly enhance Australia’s international reputation as a producer of safe, healthy food.”

drumMUSTER will be funded by a levy of 4 cents per litre or kilogram on crop protection and animal health products sold in non-returnable chemical containers.

The levy will pay for local councils to establish collection centres and process the empty, cleaned containers brought in by farmers. The program will not accept containers which are not empty or have not been properly cleaned.

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Containers brought into collection centres will be either refilled, recycled into plastic products, burnt to generate energy or shredded for landfill. _

dmmMUSTER is one of two components of the Industry Waste Reduction Agreement (IWRA), which has been developed by industry as the solution to safe disposal of cleaned chemical containers.

The IWRA also aims to reduce the amount of packaging at source by encouraging manufacturers to adopt alternative containers such as bulk or re-fillable, new packaging technology such as water soluble, and new formulations such as gel packs and granules.

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