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New Job network to replace the CES is a win for Australia's regions

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R e l e a s eTHE HON ALEX SC Minister for Regional Development, Territories and I 27 February 1998 SI 5/98


Alex Somlyay, Federal Minister for Regional Development has strongly endorsed the announcement by his colleague, Dr David Kemp that 306 Job Network private, community and government organisations will replace the Commonwealth employment Service (CES) on May 1 1998.

Job Network will cover every regional area across Australia. The local and national organisations will provide employment services across the major centres in regional and rural Australia offering in excess o f 1,400 sites for the unemployed to access Mr Somlyay said.

"This is yet another major reform to assist people who live in regional Australia from the Howard Government. We hold 51 o f the 63 seats classified as non-metropolitan in the House o f Representatives and these regional people expect quality improvements in employment services.

"This is a real winner for regional people on the score o f improved access to services alone. In a region like my area of the Sunshine Coast there were 2 CES offices. Under Job Network their will be 12 outlets in my area and the story is the same across Australia's regions," Mr Somlyay said.

Mr Somlyay said the introduction of the new Job Network is a world leading social reform that will greatly improve the chances of unemployed people getting real work in our community.

"This is the promised reform by the Howard Government to stop the training merry go round under Labor and replace it with a workable system that delivers real jobs to the unemployed.

"An overhaul o f Labor's employment systems was an urgent priority because the CES simply did not work effectively. It tended to manage unemployed people rather than place them in jobs.

"This Job Network will be effective locally because we will have more sites and more choice for 04/06/1998

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the unemployed to access employment services in most regional areas.

"An unemployed person and an employer can have the choice o f more than one Job Network member organisation as they seek the broker who can best address special needs.

"The other real winner for regional unemployed persons is that under this new approach providers will have access to many more job vacancies compared with the CES who only handled about 20% o f all job vacancies.

"All job seekers in regional areas will have free access at Centrelink offices to use computers, touch screen data bases, facsimiles and phones to prepare applications and apply for jobs through the Job Network," Mr Somlyay said.

He said a national information campaign, including an information hotline (1300 363 365) begins tonight and will continue until after 1 May 1998 to inform job seekers, employers and the wider community o f the changes and improved employment services.

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Further information: Graeme Hallett (Minister's Office) 02-6277 7060


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