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Help your employees get a quick tax refund

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At the end of each financial year employers play an important role in helping employees get their tax returns in on time. They do this by making sure they give all their employees a group certificate by 14 July. This enables people to lodge their returns early and get any reflmd that they are entitled to early as well.

Acting Tax Commisaioner, Peter Simpson, said that employers play a vital role helping their employees get a quick refund. Ensuring that their employees get their group certificates on time can also save themselves and their employees time and


‘Failure to meet these obligations also carries severe penalties under the Taxation Administration Acts which most employers can do without’, be added.

Group certificates for the year ended 30 June 1998 were included in the PAYE Em ployer's Book that was sent to all group employees recently This book also contains useful Information on how to complete the group certificates

In addition, the PAYE Employer’s Book also includes a gold-coloured envelope for the return o f the 1998 PAYE Reconciliation Statements and Group Certificates This atationery should be sent to the Tax Office in Dandenong by 14 August 1998

O f course, the ATO is always able to assist employers in meeting their obligations. People who need help completing group certificates, or who want extra copies, should call the tax office o r 13 $8 66 f o r the cost o f a local call’, Mr Simpson concluded

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