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Fixed line phone calls to mobile phones - more choice for consumers

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Media Release No. 50 of 1998-16 December 1998

Fixed line phone calls to mobile phones-more choice for consumers

The ACA announced today its decision requiring that current pre-selection arrangements be extended to apply

to calls originating on fixed networks and terminating on mobile networks. The ACA confirmed that fixed to

mobile services should be Included by 30 June 1999 in the current single basket of pre-selectable services

available to consumers.

This means that when making a call from a fixed phone to a mobile phone, consumers will now be able to

choose whicf/telecommunications^carrier handles the fixed network component of that call. This provides

consumers with increased choice'in the supply of these services and means they can shop around for the

cheapest deals.

Mr Tony Shaw, the Chairman of the ACA, announced the decision and said, "This decision gives new entrants

and consumers the opportunity to benefit from competition in a greater range of services in the explosive

mobile segment of the industry. The ACA believes this decision will also allow new entrants to compete more

effectively with Telstra by better matching its product range, and by putting downward pressure on prices to the

benefit of all consumers."

The ACA noted that there are significant industry coordination issues involved in implementing the necessary

network changes and has agreed that the new obligations should commence by 30 June 1999. In order to

provide services within this timeframe all participating suppliers of pre-selectable services will be required to

negotiate arrangements with carriers including Telstra, Optus and Vodafone for carrying fixed to mobile calls.

Failing negotiation, arbitration by the ACCC will then apply.

Copies of a public paper, which excludes commercial-in-confidence information, outlining matters the ACA

took into account in making its decision, including the technical feasibility, the costs and benefits and the long

term interests of consumers, may be obtained from the ACA on (03) 9963 6968 or from the ACA’s website at

http ://www

For more information contact:

Norm O’Doherty Executive Manager, Telecommunications Licensing Telephone: (03) 9963 6920

All media enquiries:

Dianne Frey Manager, Communications and Information Telephone: (03) 9963 6966 Mobile: 0418 399 552

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