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Labor's proposals

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The P H A R M A C Y G U I L D o f A U S T R A L I A


Labor's Tax Proposals "Labor's tax proposals are welcomed as an important element in the debate about tax reform in this country", John Bronger, National President of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia said today.

"We all agree that Australia's tax system is outdated and anomalous and must be reformed. We are encouraged that both sides of politics can find common ground on such important reforms as the abolition of provisional tax, the establishment of a Pay-as-you-go taxation system and the introduction of an Australian Business Number," Mr Bronger said. "These initiatives should go a long way towards streamlining our tax collection and payments systems."

"The Research and Development concessions, the extra money for hospitals, the rural tax incentives and the development allowances for jobs and industry are all positives."

"And on behalf of our patients we welcome the promised tax cuts for low-income earners and review of the Social Security system," Mr Bronger said.

"On the other hand we have some concerns about the impact of the proposed changes to the Capital Gains Tax arrangements. They could have a dramatic impact on Guild Members, particularly those making arrangements for a self-funded retirement."

"Mr Beazley has pledged to undertake a far-reaching review of business tax arrangements if elected to office. The Guild would expect that this review would address the anomalies in the current wholesale sales tax system. On behalf of our 4,500 Pharmacy Members in towns

and cities all over the country, we would want to make a significant contribution to that review," Mr Bronger said.

27 August 1998

Tor further comment, please contact - John Bronger, N ational President, 0412 643 201 or Stephen Greenwood, Executive Director, 02 6281 0911

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