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Consular travel advice: Afghanistan

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D66 21 August 1998


The Department o f Foreign Affairs and Trade has reviewed its travel advice for Afghanistan issued on 8 October 1997 and advises that in light of recent US military action against terrorist targets in Afghanistan the situation in that country has become increasingly tense and uncertain and has heightened concerns for the safety and welfare o f Australians living and working there. The Department therefore advises that Australians should not travel to

Afghanistan until further notice.

The United Nations and other international agencies have begun suspending operations and are withdrawing their staff from Afghanistan.

In light of these developments the Department advises all Australians who do not have essential business or other commitments that require their continued presence in Afghanistan, now make arrangements to leave the country as soon as possible.

Advice on current developments in Afghanistan is available from the Australian High Commission in Pakistan, telephone (92 51) 824 345, facsimile (92 51) 820 112 or from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Canberra, telephone (02) 6261 1111.

NB: While every care has been taken in preparing this Travel Advice, neither the Australian ' Government nor its agents or employees including any member o f Australia's consular staff abroad, can accept liability fo r injury, loss or damage arising in respect o f any statement contained therein.

Most recent previous issue: 8 October 1997

Consular Services, including information for travellers and Travel Advices are atsa available from the Department's Homepage on the Internet, address:

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