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Forum countries cooperating on climate change

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25 August 1998


I am pleased to announce that Australia will be sponsoring a workshop in the South Pacific to explore how international collaborative projects to reduce emissions can most effectively be implemented. The workshop will be jointly sponsored by Australia’s International ^ e n h o u s e Partnerships (1UP) Program and the Australian Agency for international Dcvc opmen , us ยท

llic IGP Program falls within the portfolio responsibilities of Senator Warwick Parer, Munster To t Resources and Energy.

The workshop will build upon outcomes of climate change negotiations winch were agreed in Kyoto last November.

The Kyoto Protocol includes establishment ol'the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under which industrialised and developing countries to undertake projects collaborativcly to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

A lot remains to be agreed internationally before the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) becomes a reality and Australia is working with others, including Pacific countries to make progress on this at COP 4 in Buenos Aires.

The Pacific workshop will provide an opportunity to explore how these new projects could he best undertaken and will provide a forum for Austral,an and the Pact ic islands to examine particular projects that will be of mutual benefit and to the global environment.

The workshop will also seek to identify what capacity building activities could be undertaken m Pacific island countries to facilitate collaboration on emission reduction projects.

This provides a valuable opportunity for exploring prospects for reducing ^ nho^ ^ . d emissions through investments improving energy efficiency increasing the use of alternate a d renewable energy such as solar energy, wind and tidal power and biomass waste products.


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