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Domestic violence: prevention is the key factor

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Domestic violence is a serious problem that affects women, men, children and the


Roger Price MP, Federal Member for Chifley, expressed his abhorrence of

domestic violence when speaking on a Private Member's motion about domestic

violence in Federal Parliament.

"Most of the emphasis of the debate today has been around the end costs and

end solutions, ie: dealing with the results of violence. I want to strongly say that l

believe we need to have a much greater emphasis on prevention, and prevention

at the earliest time", said Mr Price.

"We often talk about trying to break cycles of poverty. I believe our mission is

really to break cycles of violence".

Special mention was made of Rooty Hill Primary School's peer mediation


"I want to commend Rooty Hill Primary School, who have taken up a great

initiative amongst some 600 primary school students. They have created a group

of peer mediators within the school with the idea of trying to avoid physical conflict

but allowing those school yard conflicts to be mediated by other school children".

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"It is these sort of initiatives that are very critical in demonstrating, particularly to

males, that there are ways of settling and resolving conflicts without resorting to


Mr Price was particularly concerned that Australia was lacking in initiatives in

resolving conflicts which arise in the family environment, due to a lack of funding

from governments, and the way in which the little funds provided for the area are


"I would like to see more government money being spent on domestic violence. I

know that there are always claims on the dollar, but more dollars really need to be

directed towards breaking the cycle of violence, starting with children, so that men,

as they go through the teenage years and adulthood, understand how unacceptable

violence is but, more importantly, that there are many other ways that problems can

be resolved than by resorting to the horror of violence", concluded Mr Price.


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