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Diabetes and Australia's feet

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Notional Diabetes Strategy

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Diabetes and Australia's Feet

On June 3 1998 Minister for Health and Family Services, the Hon. Dr Michael Wooldridge will launch Australia’s National Diabetes Strategy and Implementation Plan.

Diabetes is a significant and growing global health problem. It affects over 4% o f the Australian population, at leat 10% o f older people, up to 30 of some Aboriginal communities, end has a high prevalence in people from the Pacific Islands, the Middle East, Southern Europe and some Asian countries. Diabetes causes a substantial burden o f illness and premature mortality and is among the

major causes of death. In Australia it is:

• the second most common reason far commencing renal dialysis; • the most common form of blindness in people aged less than 60 years; • the most common cause of blindness in people aged less than 60 years; • the most common form o f ηαπ-tcaumatic amputation; • one of the most chronic disease in children.

The facts on diabetes and feet:

• Half of all amputation occur in the 4% of the Australian population with diabetes. • 2,800 amputations are performed each year m people with diabetes in Australia. • Approximately 1 in every 100 people with diabetes has had an amputation, • 5% of people with diabetes will experience a foot ulcer. • 1.5% of people with diabetes have foot ulcers at any point in time. • Ulcers or amputation are commonly preceded by events that are invariably preventable with

education. • Foot care screening and education programs and specialist foot clinics reduce rates of amputation and foot ulcers by 32-67%. • Multi-disciplinary foot care teams achieved healing rates of 70% for ischaemic ulcers and 85%

for neuropathic ulcers and reduce relapse rate of ulcers from 83% to 26% per year. • The direct anruial cost of amputations in Australia is $48 million. » A 50% reduction of ε reputations would result in an annual saving of $24 million. • The estimated annual cost of hospital care for diabetic foot ulcers if $7.5 million, • The cost of care of diabetic foot ulcers could be reduced by $5 million by establishing specialist

foot care clinics in eich health region throughout Australia. This cost would be recovered in 1-2 years.

The National Diabetes Strategy and Implementation Plan presents a population focussed, evidence-based rationale and short and long term plans for reducing the personal and public burden of diabetes in Australia to the year 2010. The goals cover the continuum of diabetes care and the structures that underpin health care, ie research and the health system.

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