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Cashing in for a good cause

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Autism Association of N-SW

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16 December 1998It

Cashing in for a good cause

Collecting aluminium cans has provided community groups and charity organisations with an important source of funds for more than 30 years.

Now thanks to an innovative initiative between the Autism Association of NSW and Kaal Australia, Australia’s largest cansheet maker and aluminium beverage can recvcler, collecting aluminium cans is now also providing employment for people with autism.

The Autism Association of NSW, which began collecting aluminium cans in 1994 as a means of raising additional funds for its activities, has taken over the management of Kaal’s central collection facility at Yennora in N$W.

'"The implementation of innovative training and safety programs at Yennora has allowed the Autism Association to run all the activities associated with the collection facility from sorting and baling to record keeping and customer service,'* said imelda Dodds executive director of the Autism Association of NSW.

“The initiative provides important permanent employment opportunities for people with autism and a much needed training facility away from the traditional more sheltered environments,”

Ms Dodds was speaking at the launch of the Kaal Australia Cash-for- Cans Network by the Federal Environment Minister Senator Robert Hill.

The Cash-for-Cans network consists of around 1000 community-operated buy-back and collection centres nationwide. The central collection and recycling facility at Yennora is the largest aluminium recycling plant in.the southern hemisphere, capable of recycling more than 1.2 billion cans each year.

The Cash-for-Cans network is successful because the intrinsic value of the aluminium can pays for the collection, service. Community groups such as the Autism Association of NS W and Nadrasca in Victoria generate income through the Cash-for- Cans recycling network.

In 1996 community groups earned more than S30 million from recycling aluminium cans. continues.......

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The Autism Association of New South Wales is a leading authority on autism spectrum disorder and its treatment in Australia, The Association is currently the only organisation providing a broad range of specialist services to children and adults with autism in New South Wales. The Association’s services include: residential,

leisure/recreation, work preparation and training,

Nadrasca is a service and information provider for people with, a disability and their carers in Victoria.

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Contact: Imelda Dodds, Autism Association ofNSW Ph. 02 9452 5088 Mobile 0411 511 334

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