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Consular travel advice: Iran

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D62 13 July 1998


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade advises Australian travellers visiting Iran to take every precaution to ensure that their travel documentation is in order. It is also essential that all foreign currency taken into the country be declared on the customs declaration form, since failure to do so may result in undeclared foreign currency being confiscated on departure. It is very difficult to change traveller’s cheques in Iran. Travellers are

recommended to carry US dollars cash. Credit cards are accepted only at a small number of places. Medical and travel insurance is strongly recommended.

There have recently been a number of cases of bogus plain-clothes police demanding to examine tourists’ identification and search them for drugs and counterfeit currency. In the course of such encounters tourists have had their currency stolen. Local police authorities, which have assisted tourists after such events, advise that only uniformed police officers would be used to approach foreign tourists. Australians should keep their passports separate

from other valuables and maintain personal security awareness.

Female visitors to Iran are required to observe Islamic codes of dress, in particular by wearing a head scarf covering all traces of hair. Islamic authorities in Iran take a strict view of offences against Islamic codes of behaviour, including close contact between unmarried men and women.

Australians travelling to Iran requiring further information should contact the Australian Embassy, No. 13, 23rd Street, Khalid Islambuli Avenue, Tehran telephone 98-21 8724456. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Canberra (tel. 02-6261 3305) may also be contacted for information.

NB: While every care has been taken in preparing this Travel Advice, neither the Australian Government nor its agents or employees including any member o f Australia's consular staff abroad, can accept liability for injury, loss or damage arising in respect o f any statement contained therein.

Most recent Travel Advice : 18 April 1997.

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