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It is with a sense of deep commitment that I have accepted the appointment as Australia's special envoy to Cyprus

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It is with a sense of deep commitment that I have accepted the appointment as Australia’s

Special Envoy to Cyprus.

The history of the events which have brought about the partition of Cyprus along the ’green’

line that now divides the island, is well known. While, to fmd a solution to the issues which

afflict Cyprus, this history must be understood, what is essential is to look to the future and to

a just and enduring resolution.

I have no preconceptions as to outcome, or prejudgement on issues. My task is to consult

with all interested parties, to do this with a completely open mind, and to examine ways and

means by which a lasting peace may be achieved. The difficulty and complexity of this task

is plain; but it is vital in the interests of all inhabitants of Cyprus and in the wider interests of

the Mediterranean community that a solution be found.

If such a solution is to be found it will only be through application, understanding,

imagination, and an approach which takes just account of the legitimate interests of all


I sincerely hope that during the coming months of consultation, Australia, with its history of

diversity and tolerance, will be able to help fmd a way forward to a long-term solution.

14 July 1998