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Greens accuse Government & ALP over Indonesia

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media release

ififa Australian Senate Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania

Friday, 15 May, 1998

G r e e n s a c c u s e G o v ern m en t & A LP o v e r In d o n e sia ^

The Coalition and Labor are about to re-write the history of their obsequious support for President Soeharto over the last three decades, Greens Senator Bob Brown said today.

“In the wake of the massacre of 1/2 million Indonesians in 1965/6, successive Australian Governments have toadied to the Soeharto regime as it denied democracy, imprisoned or killed political opponents and imposed a brutal marshal law over East Timor,” said Senator Brown.

“While the Australian people have been horrified by such events, our Governments have turned a blind eye or worse, lauded President Suharto.

“The next test for the Coalition and Labor will be whether they demand democracy and civil rights in the wake of the current bloody crisis in Indonesia or simply rubber stamp a new form of dictatorship. It already sounds like both parties, who back continuing military aid to Soeharto, will do the later.

“Austrlia should immediately follow US and NZ moves to review military contacts as a start.

“The Greens will give full support to protestors pursuing democracy in Indonesia,” said Senator Brown.

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