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Carmody's common sense welcome in GST debate

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24 March 1999

Carmody’s common sense welcome in GST debate

The Senate should take a long hard look at GST free(fbo

“ Ihe Commissioner’s speech is really just one side of the coin. Even with the full resources of the tax office, they would struggle to maintain the integrity o f the tax system if food was GST free. Imagine how m uch worse it will be for the 370,000 businesses who often only have the skills o f the business owner to rely on,” Angela Ryan, ASCPA Tax Director said today.

“The comments from the Commissioner are the most common sense that wc have heard on this issue for many months: If the Tax Commissioner is saying that GST free food will have serious ramifications to the long term viability o f the tax system then the Senate m ust take notice,’· Ms Ryan said.

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