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Anglican welfare groups steps up campaign for no tax on food

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MEDIA RELEASE 16 February 1999


Anglicare Australia, the national network of social welfare agencies within the Anglican Church has stepped up its campaign to stop the GST on food.

Anglicare today wrote to all Federal MPs and Senators calling for food to be GST free and providing a copy of a carefully argued case against taxing food. The case for food to be GST free has been written for Anglicare by Emeritus Professor o f Economics, from the University

of NSW, John Nevile

“Taxing food weighs four times more heavily on the poor than on the rich. It is a grossly inequitable tax.” says Anglicare Chairman, Bishop Andrew Cumow. “A fundamental Biblical principle is that the poor should not be taxed, and the GST is clearly a harsh new tax on the poor” according to Bishop Cumow who is visiting Canberra today for meetings with Aged

Care Minister, The Hon Bronwyn Bishop and other Parliamentarians.

A GST on food would affect older Australians, especially those on no income or a fixed income. For example, a man made redundant at 55 with a significant redundancy payment is not eligible for Commonwealth assistance to unemployed people so receives no compensation on either his living costs or the value of his savings. He is effectively being taxed twice, once on his earnings and then on his savings when he spends, with no compensation

Anglicare Australia has circulated the paper “Why Food Should Not Be Taxed” to all Bishops and Anglicare agencies in Australia urging them to raise their concerns with local MPs and Senators.

Contacts: Bishop Andrew Cumow In Canberra (16.2.99) Mobile 0417 390 188

Russell Rollason, Executive Officer In Canberra (16.2.99) Mobile 0418 149 203

Professor John Nevile Office 02 9385 3329 Home 02 9953 2273

Anglicare Australia is the national network o f over 60 social service agencies oflhe Anglican Church. Anglicare members provide over $300 million in assistance each year to needy families, youth and children, the aged, unemployed and homeless A ustralians.