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Sen. Harradine reflects community view - ball now in Government's court to do same

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ACOSS Media Release Issued: 5pm Friday 14 May 1999

Sen. Harradine reflects community views— ball now in Government’s court to do same

In response to Senator Harradine’s decision to vote against the Government’s GST package, President of ACOSS, Michael Rapersaid:

“Senator Harradine is to be congratulated for his very difficult and principled decision which reflects the views of most Australians."

“The one clear message to emerge from this debate is that the Australian community will not wear tax reform unless it is fair and makes low income people better off."

“Ordinary Australians understand what the experts and the Government have not — you can’t adequately compensate for a package that is so unfair in the first place."

"The ball is now in the Government’s court. If tax reform is to remain a live issue - and ACOSS believes it must — then the Government needs to change its approach."

“First, the tax cuts must be made fairer.

“Second, food must be kept GST-free."

“Third, the Government must devise an honest and robust compensation package for all low income people to cover other necessities of life that would be affected.”

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