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Aboriginal people in the Top End support Yes vote

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Media Release

Hon. Warren S n ow d on M.P.

AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY Member for the Northern Territory

20 October 1999

Aboriginal people in the Top End support YES vote

Federal member for the Northern Territory, Warren Snowdon, today congratulated the Northern Land Council membership for its support of the YES vote in the republic referendum.

The Northern Land Council, which represents more than 20,000 Aboriginal people in the Top End of the Northern Territory, passed a resolution at its Full Council Meeting near Darwin this morning.

“This must be a difficult decision for the Northern Land Council membership to make and I congratulate them on their result,” Mr Snowdon said.

“Unlike with the Statehood referendum last year - which was opposed by Aboriginal people throughout the Northern Territory - there is now every chance the majority of Territorians will vote YES in the referendum.

“This is largely because those players who used the Statehood referendum as a vehicle for their own political ends, and in doing so alienated large, sections of the community, have largely kept out of the Republic debate,” Mr Snowdon said.

“And I hope they continue to do so.

“Aboriginal people make up more titan a quarter of the Northern Territory's population and if the ■ other Aboriginal people also support the YES vote then it would be a big boost for the Northern Territory ‘s vote.

“My office has met with and encouraged Aboriginal people throughout the Northern Territory on the merits o f the YES case.

“Anyone requesting more information should contact my office on free call 1800 453 016,” Mr Snowdon said.


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