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Job Network tender a farce

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Media Release


Member for the Northern Territory

8 December 1999

Job Network tender a farce

Federal member Warren Snowdon today described the second tender for the job network as a total farce and a betrayal o f the Federal Government’s responsibilities towards unemployed Australians, particularly those who live in remote areas, where locational disadvantage is itself a major impediment to employment opportunities.

“Not only are large areas o f Australia left without any job network provider, but Employment National has been effectively gutted so that there is no longer any national network to act as a safety net provider in areas where there are no other providers,n Mr Snowdon said.

“Here in the Northern Territory much o f the bush is left without any service provider. No tender has been awarded for Arimem Land, for Nhulunbuy, the Victoria River region, Groote Eylandt, the Tanaml, the Utopia region or most o f the Baddy.

“This means that those Temtorians who are the most disadvantaged in the labor market, without the necessary skills, many without even the most bade o f educational outcomes, those who need the most intensive assistance have no one to provide them with a service."

“The only positives for the Territory are the awarding o f a tender to Tangcntyere Council who should have been successful in the first round, and the rc-awarding o f tenders to Julalikari Council in Tennant Creek and the Nyangatjatjara Aboriginal Corporation based at Yulara and Centrecare in Alice Springs."

“To all intents and purposes Employment National will all but cease operating in the Territory. It will have only a token presence and many jobs will be lost." Mr Snowdon said.

“The Howard Government has now achieved the objective it set itself in 1996 and destroyed any vestige o f the old Commonwealth Employment Service (CES), and in so doing abdicated its responsibility to all Australians to guarantee a coherent national employment service.”

“The result o f tills ideological, take no prisoners crusade will be that both the unemployed and employers seeking workers will lose o u t The community will suffer. And God help you if you are unemployed wishing to start up a new business if you don't live in Darwin as no Tender has been let for the supply o f the New Employment Initiative Scheme (NEIS) outside o f Darwin.

“The Government has made the deliberate choice to attack its own service, one which not only has a network o f offices around Australia and one which has been particularly important in delivering services to the unemployed in regional Australia; but also one which has demonstrated its commercial viability and returned a hansom dividend to its owners, Australia’s taxpayers.

“In 1998/99 Employment National’s balance sheet showed a profit o f $44m on a turnover o f $240m. The treacherous approach o f the Government towards Employment National and its staff demonstrates yet again that the Howard Government is intent on divesting itself o f public assets that deliver vital services.” t o Snowdon said.

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