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Inquiry into the Brisbane Airport Corporation master plan

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Media Release


Following a formal public hearing on Monday 15NbvenilOT^ Senate Rttral and Regional Affairs and Transport References Gommittee [Chairman, Senator John Woodlejf, (AD, Qld)], will be holding a public meeting in Brisbane on Tuesday 16 November 1999. .

The purpose o f the forum is to allo windividuals and ^ ^ jgrbt^ to put their views to the Committee regarding the Brisbane Aiipprt Cdrpidfatibn M asttt plan consultation process. - _

Thie details of the forum are as follows:






Tuesday, d6 November: 1999

9.30 am —11.30 am

The Guineas Room Queensland Turf Club Eagle Farm Racecourse Lancaster Road ASCOT

Contact f a r comment - Seruitor John Woodley (07)3252 9)29; (0419) 025150 Contactfor information — Trish Carling (02) 6277 3507 · ..

ent By: Mgdia Monitors A u st r a li a ; * y 02 6273 5959; n-iNov-99 i :02PM;

*' v, u u ( 1 i .

j Senate Rural & Regional Affairs & Transport | References Committee

1 : ! " ^ 1 “

39th Parliament

1 CommitteeMemberskip-

I Inquiry into Brisbane Airpori CorporationMaster Plan

Senator John Woodley — AD, OLD - Chairman Senate* Warwick Parer LIB, QLD Senator John 0uirke - ALP, SA Senator Βτβηώ Gibbs - ALP, QLD Senator Brett Mason-LIB^ QLD Senator Sue Mackay - ALP, TAS

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Terms o f Reference

The following; matter be referred to the Rural tod I^giphai Affairs and Transport References Committee for inquiry and report by the last sitting day in November 1999: :; ... : . : . ..

The development of the Brisbane Airport CorpbrtoOn's Master Plan for die future Construction of a western parallel runway, with particular reference to:

(a) whether the Brisbane Airport Coi^raticm (BAC) fiulto to adequately mvesti^ete all runway options, including the : adequacy of the BACTs i methodology for evaluating runway -optionsii-X^iaHicii^iaiig■ ; ■ social”. Λ : (for exiample, comparative numbers of;Vfipuwifeids· .by-;.n

i(b) whethef the BAG failed to release flight path intottoatidn to the community tod*ifsb, why; .. ■: ·· ;■,.. i ' ' ...-y/■ .·â–  ·;·,^·.·'·.y.·,. ,-y. .■//.■■

(c) the role: of Airservices Australia tod any conflict of interest which may exist between its BAC consultancy role and its obligation to provide advice to government; P ) the adequacy of public consultation undertaken by the BAG; and, . . . . . . . . (e) why the Minister for Transport: and Regional Services (Mr Anderson)

proceeded to endorse the BAG Master Plan

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