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[Tax reform]

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Association of Independent Retirees, Inc. A.R.B.N. 059 010 418 Incorporated in Queensland with limited liability.

P.O. Box 158, Buderim, Qld. 4556

National President Phone; (07) 5445 3510 Fax; (07) 5445 3988

F.xecutive Secretary Phone: (07) 5443 5637 Fax: (07) 5451 1305

Media Release rrn

The National President of the Association oflndependent Retirees, Maureen Kingston OAM, to-night congratulates the Prime Minister on successfully negotiating with the Australian Democrats to enable the Tax Reform, including a GST, to be passed by the Senate.

While this might not be the ultimate package endorsed by the Association, it does ensure that Australia will have a better tax system to go into the next century.

“This is not a perfect world and sometimes we have to accept this, however, tonight both the Prime Minister and Senator Meg Lets have put the national interest first.

We now look forward to studying the fine details of the negotiated package which appears to ensure the compensation and tax cuts for low and middle- income Australians are secure”. Mrs. Kingston said.

Contact: Maureen Kingston Ph: (07) 5445 3310 Fax: (07) 5445 3988

Branches ill all States and the A.C.T. Web Site htrp://www.independent-retirees,