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Public has a right to know how much GST is costing them

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Media Release Monday, 2 8 June 1999

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Public Has A Right To Know How Much GST Is Costing Them The public has a right to know exactly how much the GST is costing them according to Ray Regan, President of the National Tax & Accountants' Association today.

Ray Regan states, ‘ it is totally unacceptable that the only price the public will be aware of will be the GST inclusive cost. That is, they won’t be told what the real cost is of a GST. Therefore, they will never know whether or not the supplier of goods and services is increasing their margin.

Even thought the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission is charged with ensuring that unjustified price hikes do not occur, the simple reality is they won’t be able to get around to two million businesses."

How can the public have any confidence or respect for a new tax when they don’t really know what is the charge and can only be suspicious that some how they have been ripped off once again.

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