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Concerns over residues leads to review of sheep pesticide products

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NRA 99/13 24 September 1999


The National Registration Authority will review a range of pesticide products used on sheep (ectoparasiticides) for the impact that the residues in wool have on worker safety, the environment and trade.

“The NRA released a report on sheep ectoparasiticides last November,” Chemical Review Manager, Dr Ron Eichner, said, “and identified significant concerns about the residues of these products in treated wool. The NRA will now review a range of these products.”

Ectoparasiticides are used on sheep to control external parasites such as lice and flies. The # products to be reviewed include all long-wool products, including a range of organophosphate (OP) products, and all registered products containing the chemicals

diflubenzuron, triflumuron, alpha-cypermethrin, cypermethrin, cyhalothrin, lamda- cyhalothrin or deltamethrin. .

“The review aims to develop a workable solution to existing and forecast problems with these products,” Dr Eichner said. “The NRA knows that these products are vital to the Australian wool industry. We are keen to develop mechanisms to ensure wool growers continue to have access to a range of suitable control methods for lice and blowfly control.

“However, the NRA must be satisfied that products are safe, do not cause harm to the environment and do not unduly prejudice trade,” he said.

It is expected that the review will take two years to complete.

The NRA has convened an advisory committee of interested industry and user groups to assist with developing and implementing the outcomes of the review.

Further information, contact Dr Ron Eichner (02) 6272 5248