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Extra serve of chips to high rollers while poor eat crumbs from roulette table

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A u s tr a lia n C atholic Social W elfare C o m m issio n A Com m ission o f th e A u stralian Catholic Bishops

07/99 29 April 1999


Extra Serve of Chips to High Rollers While Poor Eat Crumbs from Roulette Table

The Government's announcement that payments and commissions to 'high roller' gamblers would be exempt from the GST is an indication of the real agenda behind tax reform.

This concession, introduced by stealth and hidden in the Government's amendments to the ANTS Bills, highlights the fact that tax reform is about ensuring those who already have plenty get more. The poor continue to be dealt the bad hand in the tax reform gamble.

The Government's approach to looking after the interests of the majority of citizens is now apparent. They are not interested in exempting food from the GST or increasing the proposed miserly compensation measures. Instead,

Australians can eat the crumbs from the gaming tables. This gives a new meaning to the term 'trickle down effect'.

Such an initiative is in stark contrast to the objective of increasing 'the common good' entrusted to government by the people.

If this is an example of the Government's idea of 'fine tuning' the ANTS package, they must recognise that they risk losing any remaining trust held by the welfare sector to support the tax package. The credibility of the

Government to introduce a fair tax system is now beyond doubt in the mind of the Electorate. We wait with baited breath to see what other Aces are up the sleeve for big business and the w ell-to-do.

Mr Toby O'Connor, National Director, calls on all Opposition Parties in the Senate to reject this disgraceful display of avarice.

For further information contact: Mr Toby O'Connor National Director

Phone: (02) 6285 1366 or AH: 0419 417 563