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ANZFA reaffirms that it has no plans to extend food labelling to the restaurant and catering industry

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Thursday, 25 November 1999


The Managing Director of the Australia New Zealand Food Authority (ANZFA), Mr Ian Lindenmayer, reaffirmed today that ANZFA had no plans to extend its proposed food labelling reforms to the restaurant and catering industry.

‘As part of a major review of Food Standards for Australia and New Zealand, ANZFA is proposing improved information on the labels of packaged foods to allow consumers to know the five basic nutrients (fat, protein, energy, carbohydrate and sodium) and the percentage of main ingredients,' Mr Lindenmayer said.

'The processed food industry relies on set recipes that are relatively stable and they have access to this type of information. It would be impractical to extend this labelling proposal to restaurants and take away outlets where there is a high level of change in ingredients and menus. Sellers of unpackaged foods currently are obliged to provide consumers with information about what is in the food if asked, for instance if someone has a dietary preference or an allergy.

‘Speculation on such an approach followed from comments made by Professor Mark Wahlqvist speaking as Chair of the Australian Nutrition Foundation. Professor Wahlqvist suggests that such information would be an important advance for providing consumers with information to make healthy choices in meals. He also indicated that

he was speculating privately about a possible change that might occur ten or fifteen years into the future. Professor Wahlqvist was not speaking as a member of the Board of ANZFA,’ Mr Lindenmayer concluded.

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